This kdrama/kpop lover is addicted to Korean Drama. Her first korean drama was You're beautiful (I think). Well, she has watched a LOT of korean dramas!


That was when she became a fan of Park Shin hye! Then watched all of her korean dramas, which made her addicted to kdrama! 


So she began searching for more korean dramas. Then met Boys Over Flowers!


But she still loved Hani Yori Dango as the best B.O.F drama!!Image result for hana yori dango

In 2016, she was a second year at high school. So, she started watching lots of high school korean dramas! Her favourite one was High School of Savvy!

My Favourite Korean Drama is.....

Descendants of the Sun!!!! #1 10/10!! 


But more dramas kept appearing so now my favourite korean drama is....

W-Two Worlds!


I also LOVE kpop, so i do have favourite girl groups such as Apink!!! <3

Image result for apink

My bias is the beautiful Naeun~ But... my bias wrecker is our caring mother Eunji! ^_^

r1wAKAG3_781d25_f.jpg            84JeE853_273c23_f.jpg          

I also love boy groups! Such as BIGBANG~~ (i love there song FXXT IT and the song that everybody knows, BANG BANG BANG! :P)

Bias is G-DRAGON!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Image result for g-dragon

I'm also an EXO-L (I am multifandom...THE STRUGGLES)


My bias is Chanyeol and Tao! ^_^ (So sad that tao has left EXO T^T) (And I can have two biases, right?)

r1wAYgM3_ba757f_f.jpg         49cff20e7aee7b0e4ad18cdd45aaf136.jpg

I also like Red Velvet's songs! They are so catchy~~ Dumb dumb dumb and Ice Cream Cake are JJANG!


Bias is Wendy!                                             And Joy! XD   (I just can't choose..)

732XVdV1_6ef4c1_f.jpg     MLOkYkZL_ff98b2_f.jpg

I also LOVE INFINITE!!! (I'm an INSPIRIT ^^)


My bias is Woohyun and L (I know.... I am terrible at deciding choices.....)

Sarangheyo BTS!!! #Bangtan Boys BTS is my NUMBER ONE FAVOURITE BOY GROUP OF ALL!!!!  Their songs are catchy and awesome, the members together are like, F7! (Get it? F7. F4. Boys over flowers. Bangtan Boys.....XD)

and my bias is JUNGKOOKIE~               But why~ Our TaeTae (V) is such a Bias Wrecker!                   

jLl7jnM1_ecc16b_f.jpg       mLnnklzL_50d780_f.jpg

Friends! Please do recommend me any awesome dramas that you think are the best! I would be SO happy! XD But this obsession with Kdramas is ruining my life...oh well! I can still survive! ^_^ THX

Click this link to see something hilarious with Super Junior-Siwon&Ryeowook :D hehe

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