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  • Location: Somewhere between Wimbledon and London's ChinaTown ♥
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Somewhere between Wimbledon and London's ChinaTown ♥


Somewhere between Wimbledon and London's ChinaTown ♥

你好! A little info about my drama and movie preferences. I don't remember when I started watching Asian (Hong Kong) dramas because they have always been part of my life, I'm Chinese and I grew up watching them along with my family. I took a long break from them to watch US shows and now I try to fit in what I can with a mix of Asian and non-Asian shows. I also enjoy variety shows: Running Man & The Return of Superman

Genres I like range from: Psychological, Thrillers, Mysteries, Sci-Fi/Supernatural, Crime, Romance, Family & Slice of Life. I enjoy heartwarming/aspiring slice of life stories and I love family oriented dramas like Battle of Changsha and Tonbi and warm friendship dramas like Reply 1988. I tend to give more priority to Japanese dramas but I make time for Korean and Chinese dramas when I can. I also watch more movies than dramas but I try to strike a balance to keep things varied. I prefer to commit to one drama at a time and I sometimes watch Asadoras on the side because their 15 mins per episode makes them easy to pick up and put down. I can be quite selective with my drama choices but when it comes to movies I'm pretty much open to anything as long as the plot/story captures my interest. Taking my time with dramas and combining movies and variety shows has helped me to avoid slumps. More importantly I just go with the flow and my mood!

RATINGS: Subjective & based on Personal Enjoyment & Satisfaction
Great, thoroughly impressed
Characters/Story demonstrate depth & purpose
Enjoyable, would recommend
Good/Decent & Watchable
Fine but nothing special, mostly boring
5 & Below
Not worth mentioning, way below my expectations


Monster, Nana, Nodame Cantabile, Clannad After Story, Rose of Versailles, Itazura na Kiss



Sakuran (JPN, 2005)



La Maison de Himiko
(JPN, 2005)
Nagasaki: Memories of My Son
(JPN, 2015)
In This Corner of The World
(JPN, 2016) - Animation


Family's Form (JPN, 2016)UPCOMING DRAMASQuartet (JPN, 2017)
Ryoma Den (JPN, 2010)Thank You (SK, 2007)
Cruel City (SK, 2013)Reply 1994 (SK, 2013)
Comrades (SK, 2010)Kahogo no Kahoko
(JPN, 2017)


Beautiful Rain (JPN, 2012) 8.5/10RECENTLY  COMPLETED  DRAMA  &  MOVIESThe 100th Love With You
(JPN, 2017)
28 Days Later (UK, 2002) 7.5/10
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (SK, 2004)
Coin Locker Girl
(SK, 2015)
(US, 2016)
P to JK
(JPN, 2017)

gifs website

** P to JK - Rating should be 6. Story lacks depth, main characters were under developed and pacing was rushed. Overall it was weak. Didn't mind it being somewhat cliché but it could have been much better with a solid story and well developed characters. I gave an extra point for Kamenashi Kazuya because I hold a soft spot for him ♥ Nice to see some eye candy xD  Only recommend if you're a big Kame fan xD


MUSIC ~ OST/Instrumentals

Misaeng ~ Fly  ♪☆♪  Reply 1988  ♪☆♪  Signal ~ The Road  ♪☆♪ Clannad After Story ~ Komorebi ♪☆♪ Battle of Changsha ~ I Will Remember You ♪☆♪ Daisuki ♪☆♪ Yakou Kanransha ♪☆♪ Golden Empire ~ In My Dream ♪☆♪ Nirvana in Fire ~ Ageing of A Beauty ♪☆♪ Winter Sonata ~ From The Beginning Until Now ♪☆♪ Dear My Friends ~ Want To Be Free ♪☆♪ Kimi ni Todoke ~ Nenme no Haru ♪☆♪ It Started With A Kiss ~ A Little Closer ♪☆♪ Memory ♪☆♪ MARS ~ White Concerto ♪☆♪ Densha Otoko ~ Nanashi-San ♪☆♪ Nodame Cantabile ♪☆♪ Mother ♪☆♪ Healer ~ Eternal Love ♪☆♪ 49 Days ~ Forever Always ♪☆♪ Loveholics 'Butterfly' ~ Take Off ♪☆♪ 1 Litre of Tears - Only Human ♪☆♪ AnoHana - Last Train Home ♪☆♪ Gegege no Nyobo ~ Arigatou ♪☆♪ Orange Days ~ Eternal ♪☆♪ Tatta Hitotsu no Koi ~ Hitomi no Naka Ni ♪☆♪ Kano yo no Hate - Oh My Little Girl ♪☆♪ Clannad ~Town, Flow of Time, People ♪☆♪ Kimi ni Todoke ~ From Me To You ♪☆♪ The 100th Love With You ~ Arigatou ♪☆♪


Running Man - Episode 190

The Return of Superman - Episode 133

Drama Discovery Challenge (2017)


Currently Watching: WILD CHINA - BBC  documentary series - Episode 3/6





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