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Aigoo...This 'someone' lights up my day. Oh yes, this badass Woo Bin does the trick. 


Even when he buttons his shirt....


Stares at you from the couch.....


Models professionally for an editorial....

Yes, you met her.....the ultimate Kim Woo Bin's fangirl swooning over her bias and this is why I don't write reviews with Woo Bin in the drama/film......this girl loves everything that's Woo Bin is in <3333 \^0^/ 

Currently, I'm in love with SK's beloved Kim Woo Bin and A's charming Chuck Bass since there are similar in character. 


  • Who? -I'm AmandaMarta. Official MDL Addict since late 2011. 

               A quirky female in her mid-twenties. Plain and Simple. <3

Just to Add:

 Kim Woo Bin's Stalker. Workaholic. Asian Culture Lover. Always have too much on her plate. Amateur Writer. Traveler. Livin' the Double Life. Challenger. More to follow by askin' me. ;)


-MDL complements my passion with anything Asian related. This is a part of who I am. I write                  articles (see MDL articles down below), chat up a storm with MDL friends, update & "abidely"                follow up w/ the episodes I'm watching, check out what's jammin' on the news feed, upload a few trailers here and there (I'm a part of the powerhouse team aka Trailer Staff), obsess over handsome Asian MEN (not flowerboys for the most part), and take pride in the MDL community.


-I'm a normal functioning human w/ an addiction. I watch for enjoyment. In the other hand, I'm open to watching anything (literally). I entered into the MDL world in order to meet other similar hobbyists who enjoys anything Asian related as much as I do. Basically, this is the gist of it. 


-I live in a basement (my liar) where the sun is hard to reach depending on what time of the year. When the sun's down, my laptop screen is in full blast and ready to watch the next episode of such and such. Normally, I watch my dramas/movies in peace w/o being interrupted. Who wouldn't want this? Otherwise, I live in the Western Hemisphere where I mingle with all types of people from around the world on campus. 


-Since I'm a nighthawk, you'll find me on MDL mostly during the night and rarely during the day except for those times when a MDL e-mail appears in my inbox, I gotta check what's going on. lol. and sometimes I've got a spare 10 minutes to see what's goingi in the MDL world. Catch me on the forums, feeds, and anywhere basically. Just roaming around. At times, I'm there to waste time.


1. Psychological (I like twisty and dark (Tim Burton's, N. Night Shyalaman's style) dramas with a thought-provoking plot..LIAR GAME. QUIZ SHOW. WHITE CHRISTMAS?)

2. Romance  (Underlined and Colored for a reason. Since my life is filled w/ limited romance or none at all, I am a hopeless romantic who is a dreamworld w/ a perfect guy....seem my point? I love unrealistic romances that occurs in the drama. The ones you cannot obtain in real life. Yeah.)

3. Slice of Life (I love dramas that tear me apart and how at times can depict part of my life. It's soothing and heart-warming to see these on a gloomy day....some days are gloomy for me not to be depressive at all. Yet, this is the truth.)

4. Mature (Alright, I am passed those days where I can't take anything seriously. Nowadays, I like to watch a refreshing mature drama/movie whether it can be My P.S. Partner or The Crucible or Time)

5. Melodrama (Let me make this clear. No Heartbreaking Illness/Diseased Ones. Acceptable Ones: That Winter the Wind Blows. Innocent Man. Queen of Ambition, etc.)

6. Business (My career involves Business. (Ask more below) I even love watching it. Protect the Boss. High School King of Savvy. Rich Man Poor Woman. Miss Rose, etc.)


Zombies, Vampires, Historical, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Military, Food, Political, Wuxia

 Firsts & Foremost
First Japanese Drama: Hana Yori Dango  First Korean Drama: Secret Garden
First Taiwanese Drama: Autumn's Concerto First Chinese/Hong Kong Drama: Love Me If You Dare
First Asian Guy to turn me upside down: Matsumoto Jun First K-Pop Group & MV: 2NE1


2014 Korean Dramas Completed

2014 Japanese Dramas Completed

2014 Taiwanese Dramas Completed

2014 Asian Movies Completed

MDL Article(s) Written/Mentioned: 

The Origin of the Flower Boy Trend: From the Past to the Present
Drama streaming site DramaCrazy shuts down (mentioned)

The Beverly Hills of South Korea, Gangnam District
A Stalker's Guide to Kim Woo Bin

Staff Picks of the Month-Romantic Comedy Edition (mentioned)

Staff Pick of the Month-Mystery Edition(mentioned)

Otherwise, I'm leavin' it to beaver. Peace. ^^.


OMG FTW: Zico, my man with smooth in-house coffee shop style rap with soothing vocals from SURAN


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