I like dramas that have a goal and accomplish's it. If it's a rom com be a rom com. A Melo be a melo. I really hate draggy dramas or dramas with useless, spineless, or just plain annoyingly stupid mcs. Those dramas will most likely never be finished. 

I think I'm pretty open minded I'll watch a drama from anywhere with any genre as long as it gets my attention. Currently my favorite drama is Definitely Padam Padam. I just really love everything about that drama. 

The useless jerk male lead that are picking on the female leads or think they are just better than everyone can all disappear I vow to never watch another drama like that. 

I'm super in to sad drama/movies idk why but I just love the emotions in them. I also enjoy rom coms but usally only ones like "shopping king Louis" or "weightlifting fairy kim bok joo".  I'm writing this in the middle of the night and tired so it's suck but whatever. 

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