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My favorite characters

(Probably most favorite type) Game The Final Stage/4.png  
Akiyama Shinichi           Chiaki Shinichi                                         Hwang Tae Kyung  
(Liar Game)                  (Nodame Cantabile)                                  (You're Beautiful)                       

Charming (Second favorite type)
Hanazawa Rui          Asamoto Soshi        General Choi Young                 Nishikado Sojiro
(Hana Yori Dango)    (Zettai Kareshi)      (Faith)                                   (Hana Yori Dango)
Prosecutor Kim Young Joo
(City Hunter)

Lovable, cheeky, funny, impossible not to like
Jeremy                                        Goo Yong Ha                                        Nakatsu Shuichi
(You're Beautiful)                         (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)                       (Hana Kimi)
Nanba Minami             Okura Sho                                          Goda Takeshi a.k.a. Momo
(Hana Kimi)                (Atashinchi no Danshi)                        (Kimi wa Petto)

Cheon Eum Ja

Too awesome to be ignored
Kurosagi                                                  Satonaka Haru/Halu                        Moon Jae Shin
(Kurosagi)                                               (Pride)                                            (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) 
Night Tenjo                      Sawada Shin                                  Kanzaki Hiroto
(Zettai Kareshi)                (Gokusen)                                     (Tatta Hitotsu no Koi)
Sakuragi Kenji               Anthony Kim                                            Im Jong Soo
(Dragon Zakura)            (The King of Dramas)                               (Secret Garden)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stand up and proudly say - I'm an addict! (@_@) Let's get drugged! (^.^)V


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  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 7 days ago
    havent heard of baby metal i may check them out
    and i have listened to a few songs from kat kun and arashi a while back i liked a few songs but i cant remmeber them
    and i learnt french and german in school i got good grades which surprised me but now i cant really remember or speak it well but if i was to read it i could roughly translate it to english, more german though french is no longer in my vocabulary XD but like you say its a bit pointless learning it if you dont speak it often enough you will forget it and i found when we learnt it we didnt really learn it just memorized certain phrases
    id love to learn korean or japanese as i plan to go there some day i know a little mainly from watching dramas, mainly korean and i have attempted to teach myself, i did used to know how to read hangul but as i didnt use it often i only can read a few letters now
  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 8 days ago
    yeah i always find i can send more than the limited amount of characters XD and i dont tend to listen to jpop so much, ive never really looked into it, ive heard of a few girl groups but japan to me makes them out to be all cutesy and girly like if you know what i mean, from what ive seen they like to dress the girls up in short dresses and lolita style stuff but then again that is japan XD in kpop i dont tend to like many girl groups either although there is some difference from japan and i do like some of their songs but i like more female solo artists because then you can really hear their voice as they blast out the powerful and high notes, artist like lee hyori, i loved her music and loved her on family outing XD i miss that show but running man is just as good :)
    i listen to some mandopop songs, usually songs i hear in the taiwanese and chinese drams that i like, and japanese rock :) gakistal is great i swear gackt and hyde never age cannot believe they are in their 40's although they do look vampire like in their music videos and slightly plastic
    do you speak any korean/japanese/any other language?
  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 9 days ago
    yeah my friend got me into anime too she was always going on about it so i checked it out and got hooked XD
    tokoshokan sensou is an interesting anime i think because its based around books and libraries people tend to not like it, but its different i love the interactions between the two main characters and i love a strong female lead :)
    i admit i dont tend to watch japanese dramas lately mainly because they are un-interesting to me genre wise and even if i do find one i like it turns out to have a weak female lead who only annoys me i find myself sitting staring at the screen shouting 'grow some balls girl, stand up for yourself and dont be so pathetically weak' lol plus i got a bit fed up with the girls in japanese dramas being all cutesy all the time, kinda why i tend to watch more korean and taiwanese dramas recently, they have stronger female leads hot guys :P and also arent all about being cutesy
    i also tend to like the more mature genres of manga now too like you say they are more realistic although some scenes can be a bit explicit XD at first my reaction was O_O what am i reading but now its :P aww how sweet lol
    one manga i would recommend is anatolia story its pretty cool its about a girl who ends up being thrown back in time and how she copes of course she end up having all sorts of danger and has a love interests :) i wont spoil it for you but its great, but its also quite long i havent finished it yet :( when i have time i plan to
    and yeah what are the odds XD its great i take it you love kpop too and the same bands/groups i like? do you also listen to japanese rock and mandopop?
  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 9 days ago
    yeah in the past i watched it pretty much all the time i tend to watch more dramas than anime these days, but go back and forth between them XD my fave genre is rom com too i cant really remember all the animes i have watched but im guessing ive probably seen about 100 at least XD i tend to find my favourite ones are the older ones from the 90's and the ones that are set in high schools but i like a change every now and then, im currently watching tokoshokan sensou which is about library wars, it doesnt seem that popular of an anime but i like it :) i also recently got into reading manga when i have the time :) i like the more mature genres thought ;)not to sound pervy but one i liked was honey x honey XD wouldnt recommend it if you dont like explicit scenes, although its kinda r rated it has an interesting storyline and its sweet to see the romance develop
  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 11 days ago
    ok cool XD i have now been educated
    do you tend to watch anime alot then? if so what genre and what are your favourites?
  • JeliTots-N-SmeliSoks 11 days ago
    nice to meet ya too :) was looking over your profile and was wondering what oranyan is? is it a japanese anime term im sure ive heard it somewhere before but what exactly does it mean?
  • CherryBunny Sep 30, 2013
    Nice to meet you too and thanks for accepting my friend request. :-)
  • purplenette May 22, 2013
    Thank you for the friend request. :-)
  • celene May 5, 2013
    ^^ Nice to meet you!!
  • celene May 1, 2013
    Hello!! Thank you for accepting my request ^^
  • celene May 1, 2013
    Hello!! Thank you for accepting my request ^^
  • goldenrabbit Nov 21, 2012
    No problem, I hope we can be good friends. c;
  • goldenrabbit Nov 18, 2012
    Thank you for accepting!! c;
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