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Me while watching dramas= eating lots of snacksss, eating noodles, doing hw, eating rice, drinking soup, eating pizza, drinking drinks. 
#1 thing needed when watching dramas is TISSUES!

#2 Snacks!!!!

#3 Pay attention!!!

I rate every drama a 10/10 unless it's super bad. I like all the dramas but if i were to really rate it i wouldn't give that score. The reason why i rate every drama 10/10 is because i believe that all dramas should be watched even if it has a bad rating. It should only be dropped when the viewer sees that it does not suit their taste. I wish for my fellow viewers to give each drama a chance. When your friends say something is good you should give it a try. There has been a lot of times where I didn't want to watch the drama my friend's recommended but half the time when I do, I end up finding a new gem :). So give those dramas a shot and if you don't like it then drop it. Don't let those possible happy feelings pass by just yet!

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