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Suspicious Partner Review

Charity Mariposa
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Jun 18, 2017
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His royal hotness, Ji Chang Wook, comes off strong and effective Atty. No Ji Wook, as expected of his range as an actor. He has the ever familiar gestures and stares that he has used to charm his love interests, but it works. Maybe I have been charmed by his bright smile and finely chiseled face, but he is one of the most formidable actors in K-dramaland no doubt.

Support characters, Atty. Byun and Atty. Ji Eun-Hyuk, are also effective and lovable. Nara's Cha Yoo Jung leaves a remarkable performance, as well.

The female lead is a big disappointment, lacking maturity as an actress, and lacks more depth as a character; she is supposed to be a black belt in Judo(?) and quite a strong/tough woman and yet she comes off weak and easily shaken.

It is almost painful to watch her acting opposite Ji Chang Wook. Nam Ji-Hyun's take on the character Eun-Bonghee is quite poor. She uses the same character reference for the provincial girl she portrayed in Shopping King Louie; which worked then for that show. Sadly, the same portrayal for a different and more empowered character in Suspicious Partner is flat out failure. She acts all cute with a cutesy voice that is not typical of a supposed confident lawyer / (acquitted) murder-suspect / mature lady, which is disturbing. Could she possibly be a miscast?

Can the writer do something to make character Atty. Eun Bonghee, smarter and more confident please? She is clearly surrounded by danger and yet she goes out alone at night, etc? Gosh, please help this character, writer-nim!

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    Selty Jun 27, 2017

    "His royal hotness, Ji Chang Wook" *applauses*

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    ClaudiaKdramaFan Jun 24, 2017 - edited

    I think the same, and I dropped the drama because of her character, JCW needs co-leads with strong personalities and same self confidence as opposed of his character, I dropped k2 for the same reasons, I found the Noona love much better than Yoona's and I have the same problem in SP I like Nara's character better (being her first role) than Nam Ji Hyun I really tried but I stopped at ep 16 couldn't go through more of BongHee's character it was a torture to watch for me. I loved the chemistry JCW had Park Min Young in Healer & with Ha Ji Won in Empress Ki thoswe were such memorable roles for him. They need to cast better actresses opposite to him IMO.

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      AsmaTawayi Jul 8, 2017

      I totally agree with you , same impression

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    ash k Jun 20, 2017

    Please stop giving a bad impression of a drama you haven't finished baka

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    Shay Jun 19, 2017

    the drama is not even finished yet...??

  • Reply
    kingsqueen Jun 18, 2017

    It's against the rules to review a show that's not finished airing.


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