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Adore dramas, especially costume and period dramas. 
Been watching dramas since... forever? (Seriously, one of my early childhood memories was watching Legend of the Condor Heroes (1983) with my mom.)

My taste in movies is different than my taste in dramas. I much more prefer action/action-comedies when watching movies. 

I adore reading historical/xianxia/wuxia C-novels.

Have been catching up with modern/contemp. c-dramas lately, as I'm waiting for a few historical dramas to finish so I can binge-watch the entire drama. 


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I sub trailers/previews and mini-dramas from Chinese/Chinese subtitles.
Check out my twitter account or YouTube channel for the subbed videos.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Cheri_Lyn_
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CheriLynzzz


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