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United States


United States

First Korean Drama: Pinocchio

First Japanese Drama: Itazura Na Kiss

First Chinese Drama: Love O2O

First Taiwanese Drama: Just You

First Thai Drama: Full House

I Love Dramas With:


Happily Ever Afters



Leads with Great Chemistry


I Hate Dramas With:

Love triangles that take over the plot

Selfish Female Leads

Abusive Male leads

Boring plot

Annoying, Frustrating leads

Noble Idiocy

I'm not the type of person that judges dramas by the level of acting skill, cinematography, or just overall quality. I judge by enjoyment level.  A great OST, an enjoyable plot, and memorable characters make me enjoy a drama. So if I've given a drama a 10/10, that means it was amazing in at least one of those  3 categories.

  • Plots don't have to be intriguing, complex, or unique for me to enjoy them, they just have to be able to make me feel for the characters.
  •  OSTs don't take points off the drama if they're terrible, but they do get the drama brownie points from me if they're good.
  • Memorable Characters don't have to be unique, they just have to make me feel for them. Whether it's anger, disgust, love, or sadness, if I feel something very strong towards their character, then that means, that they're memorable.

So be warned. If I've given a drama a 10/10, it doesn't mean that it's good - although, it could still genuinely be good. A 10/10 just mean that I enjoyed it very much.


           Yiting and Xi Yu from                                                       Kang Cheol and Yeon Joo                           "Behind Your Smile"                                                                         from  "W"


Qi Yi and Liang Liang from "Just You"

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