I'm sorry for not answering to some of your messages my dear chingus but it's just not the right time, plus it's Ramadan so I'm a bit busy and I hardly watch any dramas these days but will try to come back asap and chat with you and reply to your messages. Mata ne chingus <3



Half French Half Algerian, 25 y.o,  Depressed Soul, forgive way too easily, Aiba Masaki, Ariel Lin, Huang Yida, Eita, my Brother's humour, Kudo Kankuro,my Chikin (my only best friend), Family, China my great love, warm people, Anteaters, my family's lovely black cat  and many other things ----> hourglasses, fans, chopsticks, good food (Arabian, Asian, French ,Turkish…) Ice Tea,Mint Tea, cottage cheese♥ (faisselle), lot of cheese, Dramas especially with dark and tragic stories, Movies, reading, and my solitude.  You can also find me there: Dounie Sora Chan though I'm not as active as I used to be in the past, also there are more precisions about me and my taste. 

My presence on the feeds; Chingus, don't worry too much, I'm not one to spam the feeds, I post at most twice a day (sometimes not at all and some other times when I'm a little bit too excited about a drama/movie, 2 or 3 screenshots but it's pretty rare and I have to say that I always have something to say on my posts as I pretty much dislike sharing my drama progression if I don't have anything to add same with screenshots (I generally write long paragraphs because I can be pretty passionate and I do really enjoy reading others' comments on dramas so well I think it's so much better reading people who have a lot to say than those who don't write anything). I like discussing with people as well so you may from time to time see me commenting on people's posts when I'm in a good mood. PS: I don't like screenshots that show too much about a drama or spamming on the feeds.

So now you know a bit more about my habits on MDL, it's up to you whether you want to send a friend request or remove me if you don't like talkative people like me (but in a way MDL is a way for many of us to express ourselves so why stay in a corner and not share our thoughts with others?)

Looking forward to Ariel Lin and Liu Ye's upcoming drama ''Oldboy''/老男孩 ♥♥


Some of my bad habits :p

*Quand on regarde un film en famille ou quand je suis seule d'ailleurs : J'ai pour habitude lors du générique de début de lire tous les noms des acteurs à haute voix ( et on m'ordonne de me taire ahah) *Quand je regarde un drama j'ai tendance à compter le nombre de mots/syllabes (les sous titres quoi) c'est automatique j'arrive pas à m'en empêcher et des fois je recompte si j'estime que j'ai oublié des mots .

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