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May 17, 2017
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0

Who doesn't love a little romantic comedy now and again? I personally really enjoy some romcoms! SOME. I never made it through My Sassy Girl (the movie ofc) because it was just too much even if it had Jeon Ji Hyun and the lead male omo kill me now.
I'll admit I only initially watched this because of Han Hyo Joo...

Story (7.5):
The beginning has some antics to get the two leads together, one a firefighter and the other a doctor, and I don't think it felt cliche or contrived at all. Perhaps a little, but it was pretty refreshing and a bit comedic too.
Later on in the story I felt like I was watching a couple different movies, most notably the indie film Fireproof (EXACT SAME TRAIN SCENE I TELL YOU), and at the end of the movie I felt like some parts of the story line weren't fulfilled, but this is still a fun movie to watch regardless.

Acting/Cast (9.5):
Han Hyo Joo.
I was going to end this part here, but I guess I'll continue on. So, I kind of like Han Hyo Joo as an actress. I've seen her in a billion other things, like Dong Yi, Shining Inheritance, Always, etc. and I liked her in those; if you did too, then there's no way she'll disappoint here! The rest of the cast was pretty decent and some I felt were pretty topnotch even if I'd never seen them anywhere else. I've got to say, the husband of the brain dead woman really surprised me with his acting...

Music (7.0):
Meh. I grew up on Beethoven and Mozart; sue me, but nothing life-changing here. Fortunately it didn't stick out as bad either.

Rewatch Value (7.0):
I don't rewatch things very much, but I'd say given enough time I could easily rewatch this one.

Overall (8.0):
Maybe a bit optimistic of a score. I'd give it more of a 7.75, but I'll round up on this one since it was decent. I'll admit I was using that 10 second skip feature a little bit at parts, but it was worth the watch. Recommended especially to romcom and Han Hyo Joo fans!

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