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I'm Johanna, I'm 22 years old and I love Asian dramas and movies. I've been watching dramas since 2012.  
You can also find me here on tumblr.

The first drama I watched was "Personal Taste." 


Short story about how I got to watch Personal Taste (you actually don't have to read this lol):

So it was my brother's birthday and his girlfriend of that time was at home eating with us. When we finished I said: "Hey, why don't we watch a movie" So we agreed to watch a movie online but I couldn't find anything good to watch so my brother's girlfriend seeing that I failed terribly at finding something to watch and who secretly was a drama lover said: "Hey Johanna why don't we watch a Korean drama?" (that girl wasn't in her right mind).

I said: "hell nah, are you crazy gurl?" (because I was stupid back then) but I ended up agreeing to watch it and THAT WAS THE END OF ME!  I literally didn't sleep that day marathoning Personal Taste with my mom (yes because she also joined the fun after seeing that I had spent like 6 hours on the pc) we went to bed at 4:00 am that day. My dad said we were crazy and that he lived with crazy people after seeing my mom swooning over Lee Min Ho at 4 am lol. But yeah, basically that was the story of how I completed my first Kdrama.


But my first contact with Dramaland wasn't through "Personal taste" or Lee Min Ho. Actually a couple of years ago I was bored at home and turned on the TV and I found that this channel I had never seen before (call it fate) was airing (what I thought at that moment was a Japanese drama) so I watched like two or three episodes of it and then forgot about it. Just to find out 2 years later that what I watched that rainy afternoon was not Japanese but Korean, and it was the great classic "Coffee Prince" which is now one of my favorite dramas of all times. 



My taste in dramas

- I adore detective stories, I think it's my favorite type of story (in books, movies, dramas) everything involving: solving crimes, a super genius hero solving a mistery, a police team, smart villains (kinda Sherlock style).
- I'm a fan of action dramas and psychological thrillers too. (My favorite drama is City Hunter)
I also absolutely love romantic comedies and comedy in general. (They make me happy)
I have a love/hate relationship with melodramas, sometimes I get addicted to them and other times I avoid them like the plague.

- I don't like terror. I've watched some spooky things but not too terrifying stuff.


- 10  The definition of perfection, magnífico, marvelous, my life will never be the same after watching this, my feels were all over the place while watching it. Perfect writing, ost, acting, directing and photography. 

- 9.5 / 9  Almost perfect, a great drama, moved my emotions a lot, I'd rewatch it anytime.

- 8.5 / 8  It was really good. I enjoyed it a lot but probably the drama didn't offer anything new or special. Maybe the typical Kdrama.

- 7.5 / 7  It was an ok drama, probably with a good premise but a not so good execution of the story, lacked in some aspects, maybe in acting or writing or directing. But I still don't regret watching it.

- 6.5 and below  Mediocre, maybe annoying, I regret a lot wasting my precious time in this. If I could punch the drama in the face I would.

The same goes for movies. And I'm more into movies than dramas ^^ and I think I've watched more movies than dramas. hehe.

Dropped dramas I only consider a drama "dropped" after watching the first 4 episodes, NEVER before. I consider the first 4 episodes of a drama a test to see if it's my cup of tea and if I want to go with it or not. If after watching episode 4 I decide to watch the drama and then I realize I don't like it, then I consider it "dropped" ... I never drop movies.

 My crushes 



Won Bin, Kim Woo Bin, Ji Chang Wook, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk,Lee Min HoGong YooJi SooPark Bo Gum, Chen Bolin, Push Puttichai, Mario Maurer.

Shin Min Ah

The queen 





Music spot

These are only my favorite Asian artists, of course I listen music from other countries too but I'm not mentioning them here.

Roy Kim

This man is definitely my favorite of the list. 

Listening to his voice feels like coming home, like drinking coffee, like being in love, like running in the morning, is comfortable, soothing, is like everything you need to calm yourself. My point is it feels good, really good.

His songs are beautiful, wise, relatable, sincere, masterpieces... 

I think is obvious how much I love him (I get all cheesy when it comes to Roy) I also love his personality so much, he's the kind of guy I'd like to marry in real life lol Like really, words cannot describe my love for Roy and his music. He gives me life!


Kim Feel

His music is honest and personal, is a delightful experience listening to his voice. 


Oh Hyuk

This man is effortlessly cool. His music is unique, different, poetic, it feels kinda rebellious but realistic and wise at the same time.



They are the kings of the rock scene in Korea in my opinion. They've been rocking for 17 years now and their songs are literally gold. Ah! also, they are like philosophers, yeah... Philosophers with great music taste.

Vodka Rain

Rocking since 2007, It's been six years since these geniuses' last album but they are still my favorite Korean rock band ever. Like one of his song's name, their music can be ~dreamlike~ but also energetic,fun, nostalgic, sad, relaxing... Listening to their music feels like hanging out with friends, like remembering old times, like being young and reckless but also old and wise... So many feels! 

3%EB%B3%B4%EB%93%9C%EC%B9%B4%EB%A0%88%EC indiestory.co_.kr_.jpg


They are one of my favorite rock bands. These rockers stole my heart. They have so much energy, badassery and epicness. Their live performances are even better than their studio albums, and I freaking love that! Also, Taka's voice!!! good heavens! is the best thing ever!!!

Well... I don't know what else to write... 


And this profile is already too long 

 So, bye!!

And thanks for reading this until here!

You rock!

 Feel free to add me or talk to me ^^

Have a nice day!

God bless you all!

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