So you've come to my profile, WELCOME!!! I love watching dramas and movies, so much that sometimes I do nothing else :D. (Not one of my better traits, but I'm working on it). I also love K-pop, J-pop, and C-pop! Literally most of my iPod is non-english music (much to my friends bewilderment). Anyway, I thought that I would write something in the description so that it wasn't left blank :) Feel free to message me or friend request me (if that's what you want to do) :D.


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  • Times (Days) 26.85
  • Watching6
  • Completed48
  • Plan to Watch358
  • On Hold13
  • Dropped3
  • Total Entries428

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  • Times (Days) 10.68
  • Watching0
  • Completed156
  • Plan to Watch276
  • On Hold0
  • Dropped0
  • Total Entries432

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