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  • Greetings, I am JackieB. and I am an incurable Asian drama addict. I have been addicted to Asian dramas since 2011 and I have not  search for a  cure.

2017 Watch Challenge

  • Starting date: January 10, 2017
  • Link to your Drama list: JustJackieB
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Completed dramas at sign-up for the challenge: 148
  • Completed movies at sign-up for the challenge: 129
  • Progress: 38/40

Type (0/5)

Creators (0/5)

  • Watch a drama/movie that has your favorite actor,Jang HyukVoice (starting 1/23/2017 - finished 03/18/2017)
  • r1xEgzdL_cde05c_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that has your favorite actress, Lee Young Ae, Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2/5/2017 -  finished 05/04/2017) 
  • D3m8bXBL_ffc357_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie by the same director as one of your favorites drama/movie Lookout (started 27 May - ended. 12 July). - Director Son Hyung Suk 
  • O3oaaDD1_fe7d6f_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie by the same writer as one of your favorites drama/movie 
  • Bounty Hunters - 01/29/2017
  • 71g75Y21_1d58ff_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie by a director/writer you don't know (i.e. You haven't seen anything from them before) (director Jin Chang-gyoo - first time directing a drama)
  • Rebel, Thief who stole the people (started April 2017 - ended May 17, 2017)


Years (0/5)

  • Watch a drama/movie that aired this year  Queen of Mystery (started April 15 - ended May 27)
  • W19Xdad4_bbfbb5_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that started airing the same year the user above/below you joined MDL
  • Watch a drama/movie that started airing the same season you joined MDL  The Royal Tailor (May 6, 2017)
  • jLlp9aDL_e5f113_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie which began airing/premiered between 2000 and 2005 Blood Rain (watched July 6)
  • 115079606405971684_6a0e1814_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie which began airing/premiered between 2005 and 2010. May 18 (watched May 14, 2017)
  • z1d8Nrd1_12b517_c2x.jpg

Tags, Themes & Demographics (0/16)

  • Watch a drama/movie with adults as the main cast Signal (started 1/23/2017 -  ended 03/20/2017)
  • e10aZXoL_b244c1_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie with students as the main cast Switch Girl 2 (started July 7 - ended July 8)
  • r1xrVnv3_7893ab_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that focuses on non-romantic relationships Pandora (watched April 15)
  • 84JJApM4_a9063b_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that focuses on a couple with a romantic relationship Likes for Likes (watched April 18)
  • W3rPZKv1_07c0a1_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie about food, music, art, or animals My Sister - The Pig Lady (watched May 7, 2017)
  • E1VxBGp3_3338b7_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie about school, Life, or Youth Hot Young Bloods (watched July 16)
  • 531922524973811002_928c6e78_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Historical, Political, War, or Military drama/movie Sound of the Flower (watched 2017 July 9)
  • r1wAG0a3_eb3308_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Supernatural drama/movie Time Renegades (watched March 26, 2017)
  • 74KE52EL_c052f1_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Horror, Vampire, or Zombie drama/movie
  • White: The Melody of the Curse (watched July 16)
  • mLnGNNl3_99fbd6_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Mystery, Thriller, or Psychological drama/movie Galileo (started 01/2017 - ended January 2017)
  •  r1xrm9Z3_cca97e_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Crime, Investigation, or Detective drama/movie Tunnel (started April - ended May 24)
  • mLnnNj9L_370c4b_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Sports, Martial Arts, Tokusatsu, or Wuxia drama/movie As One (watched May 29)
  • 58531403914194688_63b9c4cc_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a Medical, Law, Business drama/movie  Suspicious Partners( finished July 22)
  • O38Q70A4_55651b_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that is tagged with a genre you dislike The Piper


  • Watch a drama/movie that has foreign actor(s) Skiptrace (Jan 13)
  • 01ejMyxL_d0b108_c2x.jpg

  • Watch a drama/movie from a country you least watched from
  • Murmur of Youth
  • W3rya9mL_cbf277_c2x.jpg

Adaptations (0/5)

  • Watch the 1st season of a drama/movie that has 2 or more seasons/squeals Switch Girll (started July 5 - finished July 6)
  • 71NkqNWL_0f89c2_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie that is related (e.g. sequel, side story) to something you previously watched Cheo Yong 2 (finished August 8)
  • e10pPwo1_e4ea5d_c2x.jpg

  • Watch a drama/movie that has been remade Queen's Classroom (finished July 28)
  • 347894500247963088_24d93267_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie adapted from a novel Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (watched July 15)
  • W197yAQ3_0028dc_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie adapted from a manga or a webtoon  Bride of a Water God (started July 6 - 

Stats (0/4)

  • Watch a drama/movie with a score of 7.0 or below Collective Invention (watched July 10)
  • 84JeJlN3_c1cea5_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie ranked in the Top 300
  • My Annoying Brother
  • 71Ne7we4_47539f_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a highly rated and completed drama/movie from another challenger who posted on the same page you signed up on (i.e. A completed drama/movie rated 10, 9 or 8; the best score)
  • Sunny
  • 2080492702096074_b382e40e_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie with less than 1000 completed members
  • Midnight Diner
  • Y4BJwG04_3530a4_c2x.jpg

Challenge & MDL related (0/5)

  • Watch a drama/movie that was recently discussed in the Show & Movie Discussions sub-forum
  • Watch a drama/movie that another user has watched for this challenge
  • Watch one of the staff members’ favorite drama/movie (Updated list in the 2017 Watch Challenge Discussion thread)
  • Watch a drama/movie that was recently reviewed
  • Watch a drama/movie that was recently recommended 

Miscellaneous (0/5)

  • Re-watch a drama/movie God of War (restarted on April 19 - re-ended 
  • Watch a drama/movie that starts with the same last letter as your username (Only letters. Exclude any numbers and/or special characters) 

  • Choose a drama/movie from the predictive search using a generated random word (Use this  site to generate a random word)
  • Watch a drama/movie that has been on your Plan to Watch list for too long Who
  • are You (ended May 27)
  • 377665631829547980_fdb74343_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a drama/movie with a protagonist that has weird hairstyle or color

Bonus Challenges (Optional and non-interchangeable with previous items) (0/4)

  • Finish an on-hold or dropped drama/movie
  • Watch a Sitcoms
  • Watch a Mature, BL, or GL drama/movie The Treacherous (watched July 23)
  • M4PVgPNL_b9d0e6_c2x.jpg
  • Watch a daily drama (+100 episodes)


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