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  • To be short: I'm Laura, French, 20 years old, addicted to pretty much anything related to Asia. 
  1. Some of my favourite dramas : 
  1. I Remember You : In Guk, Na Ra, Bo Gum, psychopaths ... do I need to say more, huh ?
  1. Healer : Action, Comedy, Romance, a GOOD storyline and those twists. Aaaah, so many feels :'D
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  1. Two Weeks : Exactly what I was looking for at a time when nothing would interest me. No need for romance, just some action, some twists, and Joon Ki.
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  1. Falling for Innocence : AHZHEHJHJFHDHFUERKJ. I mean. That was. AWESOME. That's it.
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  1. I Hear Your Voice : This one has quite a special place in my heart, since it was one of the first K-dramas I've ever seen, and likely the one who started it all and ruined my life. So yeah. Special.
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  1. Remember – War of the Son : There were definitely a looooooot of problems in this drama. But well, when a drama can make me feel like a sadist, waiting each week for my dose of pain, squealing, yelling (my poor neighboors...), and shouting with joy when there is FINALLY something good happening, then I can only say that I did enjoy it.
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  • Yep, I really enjoyed it :'D
  1. What's Up : This drama deserves so much more recognition. I've seen it a few years ago, but I still can't forget it, right in the kokoro.
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  1. Currently listening non-stop to : 2NE1 (T.T) - Ugly live version; Stay With Me (Goblin OST); Seventeen - 붐붐; Bee Gees - Holiday ; 21Pilots Kitchen Sink.

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