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About myself:

Occupation: University student / Age: either too old or too young for my favourite idols T.T / Talents: convincing myself a 1 hour episode will fit into 30 mins, telling lame jokes / Weakness: everything related to K-Pop, TV, carrots (ha, didn't expect that, did you?) / Home: Europe / Languages: English, German (fluently); French, Spanish (a bit); Korean (learning) 


I watch pretty much every genre of drama, but mostly Korean ones, I admit. Sometimes I make exceptions and watch something Chinese or Japanese, but in general I have watched more Japanese stuff than Chinese things. 

Also I like Thai shows...but mostly BL stuff. Like I said, pretty much every genre. Things that are amazingly important to me in every show (doesn't matter whether it's Korean, Thai, another Asian country, the US or something European or so on) is chemistry. If there is no chemistry or I dislike one of the main characters too much, then I will drop it. 

I'm a happy pessimist, who talks too much, tries to learn Korean because I love the culture (and because I didn't wanna wait for subs anymore), likes to cook with recipes just to ignore the recipes, gets stressed really easily, writes too much and has a strange kind of humor. 

My drama likes:

Epic stuff. Those, you go into a drama slump for, ex. Bridal Mask; It's Okay,That's Love; Kill Me, Heal Me

Music stuff. Only good and K-Pop style music...sorry, I'm pretty mainstream there

Family related stuff. Don't have to be blood related, just the feeling is nice and touching, ex. That Winter, The Wind Blows, Cheer Up, Mr Kim!

Spring/Fluffy stuff. The inbetweeners or fillers, for when I'm feeling happy and I wanna smile, ex. Flower Boy Next Door, Ma Boy

'Star'like feeling stuff. When the main characters are idols/actors etc (don't have to be in real life), ex. EXO Next Door, Full House 2

Thai BL stuff. Those shows which have amazing chemistry, normally a little bit of awkward acting, really obvious advertising during the episodes and such a great writing you won't stop giggling like a crazy person ex. SOTUS The Series, Love Sick

My drama dislikes:

Evil step-mothers / Memory loss / Changing (only) the hair of a character to show he/she changed / Horror movie girls with long black hair / Ignorant female leads / male leads without a sense of humour / siblings/parents who think they know better than everyone else

My favourite Dramas (Korean): 

It's Okay, That's Love - A masterpiece with great acting, a touching story and great music. The story is paced just right and amazing to watch. Also it doesn't leave you with this empty feeling afterwards (like Bridal Mask) but leaves you happy, hopeful and motivated =3

The Best Hit - The Best Hit or Hit the Top was the most enjoyable drama I ever watched. I laughed, cried, giggled and screamed and it was so much fun to watch. The storyline never disappointed and the cast was so superb. So much fun to watch :D

The Bridal Mask - This drama can just be described as "epic". It has an epic storyline, great actors and I seriously cried while watching. The only negative thing about this drama is the fact, that it's perfect for leaving you in a drama slump afterwards...seriously, you'll probably be stuck in a daze after watching XP

Kill Me, Heal Me - I admit that I didn't like everything about the drama. Seriously there were moments I wanted to skip forward, but overall this drama deserves all the praises it gets. You don't even have to be a fan of Ji Sung to be amazed at his acting in this drama. It's just great, incredible and praisworthy. Overall, the acting in this drama is like from another planet. Even the child actors are soooo incredible...never seen such good child actors XO

Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi - This drama has such a nice mood, combined with comedy and, well, real life. Sure, there was a lot of drama but there were also many scenes where you thought "Oh this could be real life". Also the chemistry between the leads was just so fun =D

Descendants of the Sun - DOTS had quite an uncommon Kdrama setting, got good chemistry, strong characters and the right use of music. In my opinion the ending could have been changed a little bit or the whole drama could have been shortened by like one episode but otherwise this was absolutely perfect and such a nice watch

My favourite actresses/actors (Korean/Japanese):

Yoon Shi Yoon (Hit The Top), Lee Dong Wook (Goblin)Lee Minho (Heirs), Jo In Sung (It's Okay, That's Love)Sato Takeru (Rurouni Kenshin), Kim Sang Joong (Bad Guys), Lee Hong Ki (Bride Of The Century), Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)

Yang Jin Sung (Bride Of The Century), Gong Hyo Jin (It's Okay, That's Love), Jung Eun Ji (Sassy Go Go) 

*the () mark the actor's/actresses' best acting work according to my opinion and depending on what I watched with them in it

My all-time favourite songs: 

FTIsland - Severely / U-Kiss - 0330 / K.Will - I Need You / VIXX - Eternity / Eric Nam - Can't Help Myself / BTS - Fire

I can listen to these songs for days and not get bored ^.^ 

Currently hooked on: ~~ WANNA ONE - Burn It Up ~~

I'm always open for friend requests, recommendations, questions etc. Hwaiting!!!

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