Hello and welcome to my profile :)

My interest for asia started with japanese anime and manga in 2003. After some time I wanted to check out asian dramas and got really hooked, I was sucked into drama land forever :P

First asian movie I saw was either Battle Royale or Death Note live action somewhere around 2006 (can't remember which one was first).

My first asian drama ever was japanese drama Hana-Kimi in 2008.
I discovered korean drama through Boys over flowers in 2009 and it had huge impact for me and I tumbled straight into k-drama world. Since then k-dramas have been my favorite among asian dramas.
My first taiwanese drama was It started with a kiss around 2011.
My first chinese drama was Scarlet Heart around 2011.
I ventured off deeper to asian dramas when I started watching thai dramas in 2014.

My favorite drama genres are historical, fantasy and romance, preferably all these combined ^^

Favorite OSTs: Rebel: Thief who stole the people, Uncontrollably fond, Healer, Descendants of the Sun

I like kpop. I used to be crazy about kpop but nowadays I mainly just listen the music than fangirl over groups and follow their activities.
Groups I like the most are Astro, K.A.R.D, VIXX, iKON, Day6.
Other music I prefer: all goes except rap. Favorite artists are for example Ellie Goulding and Haloo Helsinki.

My drama rating:

10.0 - Masterpiece, liked basically everything; plot, characters, cinematography...

8.0-9.5 - I enjoyed the drama but there were some minor parts I didn't like and thought the drama would be perfect without those scenes.

6.5-7.5 - The drama was ok but there were alot of scenes/plot twists that annoyed me or characters I hated and that's why I couldn't enjoy watching some parts of the drama.

5.0-6.0 - Only couple good scenes or a likeable character, otherwise a horrible drama.

3.0-4.5 - Speechless how bad it was. Got extra points only from good actor or cinematography.

0.0-2.5 - Utterly trash.

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  • Total Entries362
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 3.8
  • Completed54
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  • Total Entries55
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