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  • Sleepninja Dec 31, 2012
    Happy New Year! I'm watching Pin Anong right now. I love it. :)
  • Sleepninja Oct 31, 2012
    hahaha I might add it soon. :D
  • Sleepninja Oct 30, 2012
    I'm doing fine as well. :)
    I've been considering that one.
    I've also been considering Faith. ^^
    Oooh that's awesome. :D I hope you have fun.
    Nothing much is going on with me, just the usual school and work. lol
    Sandy hit the coast line of my state, but I'm far enough inland that I wasn't affected. Lots of others were though. :(
  • Sleepninja Oct 30, 2012
    How have you been? I haven't chatted with you lately. :)
  • Sleepninja Sep 8, 2012
    hahaha Thanks for the info. I love that pic too. :D
  • Sleepninja Sep 2, 2012
    I need help! Which Weir lakorn is this pic from? I don't think it's Pin Anong...

  • AdeNike Aug 14, 2012
    Thanks!!! I've already checked it out. I'm getting a little busy, cos I'm prepping for the next semester. I sent some mails to some peeps for accommodation.
  • AdeNike Aug 13, 2012
    Cool!!!! How did you pre-order for it??

    No probs, I'll check it out..and let you know :D I won't really say that I'm learning them per se, since I have to perfect my German.... but I use different sites to learn basic stuffs, writing system and stuffs along that line... So far so good, it's been productive.
  • AdeNike Aug 9, 2012
    lol, thanks.....

    Have you listened to the new album of Suju?? I've been busy downloading TW-dramas on to my external disc hehehe...

    I`ve checked Shirokuma Cafe.... it's currently airing.... is it really interesting?

    I meant, I'm yet to watch the football matches in the Olympic games... There are matches, but I haven't seen any of them yet, I just check the scores online....

    Did I tell you that I'm also learning Korean and Japanese :p??
  • AdeNike Aug 7, 2012
    hehehe... I so obsessed about the medal table.... I check it everyday.

    The funniest thing is, I haven't seen any of the football matches.... I don't know why though.... What I'm following earnestly is, the field events...

    What's new with you??
  • darkangel662008 Aug 5, 2012
    Thank you very much for the greeting..and your very much welcome:-)
  • train Jul 31, 2012
    Happy Birthday sweety
  • darkangel662008 Jul 31, 2012
    Happy Birthday...got something for you in General Forum:-)
  • AdeNike Jul 29, 2012
    lol... Which anime are you watching?? I finished watching Gokusen this afternoon...

    I watched the opening ceremony form the beginning to the end hehehe..... I'm trying to closely follow the games.....I'm following the swimming competitions closely because of Park TaeHwan, also Archery..... China is topping the tables with 10 medals and South Korea is 4th on the list with 5 medals (2Gs, 1S and 2Bs).... I also watch Gymnastics, Weightlifting..... I also check for results online.... I think that's enough....

    None of the currently airing shows will air this week.... :(
  • AdeNike Jul 28, 2012
    Oh hooo!!! That's okay....I'd be able to concentrate on the Olympics:p

    Carnation?? Is it a drama?? I have so much....it's going to take me eternity to watch them all.....there are some I'm never going to watch...It's a fact....especially those tear-jerkers..

    Are you following the Olympics??


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