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  • AdeNike Jul 26, 2012
    hehehehe.... Plus I heard Eric is the king of 4dness in ShinHwa... I watched ep 104 in the early hours of today....it was really funny...Jung Jae Hyung was speaking no french, that was just so funny... I think they really did their best...

    As soon as I saw Lee Joon, I knew there will be weird scenes and actions.....that guy is so random... Eun Jung wasn't showing much interest... I wish she were either Bora (Sistar) or at least a sporty female idol...
  • AdeNike Jul 24, 2012
    I've read it.... I've followed you already... I'm gonna watch ep 104..... Are the Shinhwa's variety shows really good??
  • AdeNike Jul 23, 2012
    I checked out Can Love Become Money, but it seems to be a little issue with it's subs.....

    I completed Oh My School yesterday.... I felt a little down though..but I was also happy....I've also watched ep 103 of RM and the latest eps of We Got Married.... ep 104 of RM is already out, but I think the subbed version will take some time.....

    How has your week been??

    In btw--- are you on facebook??
  • AdeNike Jul 21, 2012
    Horror movies are a no no for me....I'm such a chicken :p Comedy drama are the best, romance, action (I don't mean blood baths), detectives drama are also not bad....

    I'm also watching A Gentleman's Dignity---- I so can't wait for eps 17 & 18... I just watched ep 2 of Rich Man, Poor Man; how was it for you?? Is Can Love Become Money interesting??
  • Sleepninja Jul 21, 2012
    lol Thanks ^^
  • Sleepninja Jul 21, 2012
    Yup! On the right. ^^
  • Sleepninja Jul 20, 2012
    Ok, it's the Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand. That's what showed when I did an image search, but I can't find any info on it.
  • Sleepninja Jul 20, 2012
    I'm not sure. the facebook page just said that it was a temple. I'll try and search for it.
  • AdeNike Jul 20, 2012
    Cool!!!! I will see to it during the weekend....Are you watching any drama??
  • AdeNike Jul 17, 2012
    I did that already :p

    Where you able to watch the raw version of ep 103??
  • TheTranquilKnight Jul 15, 2012
    Nice to meet you too.....(^_^)/....
  • AdeNike Jul 12, 2012
    K-pop variety shows.....I've watched that of 2PM when it aired last year... I watched everyone of it hehehe, there's so much variety shows with SJ --- Strong heart, Oh My School, I haven't actually watched any of Shinhwa's variety show.....I've only watched their comeback songs.

    For variety show, I watched Secret, 2PM show, Hello Baby Shinee, I'm watching Oh My School, Strong Heart We Got Married (Dimple couple, WooJung couple), and of course Running Man.....

    Can you recommend any interesting variety shows you've been watching?? :p
  • changminnah Jul 11, 2012
    You are welcomeeeeeee.
    Nice to meet you too. Haha.
    Song Seung Hun (Y)
    Nice choice.
  • AdeNike Jul 11, 2012
    Hello!!! How have you been??
  • Brie Jun 9, 2012
    U R Welcome LaVa!! Chat with you later.


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