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  • Location: In Germany while travelling Asia mentally, devouring great food ;D
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In Germany while travelling Asia mentally, devouring great food ;D


In Germany while travelling Asia mentally, devouring great food ;D

Hi there!! :3

  • I listen to KPOP, JROCK and sometimes MandoPop
  • One of my hobbies: cooking (and eating xD) especially own creations and Asian food
  • I can read and write Hangeul and can talk basic Korean, I am still studying
  • My first drama: You´re Beautiful (finished), started Boys Before Flowers
  • I was a Anime and Manga fan long before I discovered KPOP that led me afterwards to KDrama.
  • I am a subtitler and segmenter on viki
  • I have studied Chinese for a bit at school but then stopped because of the lack of time... :/
  • Mainly I watch Kdramas but I also sometimes watch Taiwanese dramas, and barely Thai, CDramas or Jdramas.
  • I often go to Japan Conventions, my goal is to visit a Korean Convention but my attempts failed. I'll still continue to try though!
  • I am really not the gamer type but I ADORE the Project Zero series and would love to get the games myself. Sadly, I don't have either a Wii U nor a Playstation so I would have to get those what I probably won't do since they're not unexpensive...
  • I still collect manga at home and sometimes watch Anime.
  • Food is life. *O*

Finished challenges

Drama challengeMovie challenge
201547,5% complete37% complete
201659,5% complete71,88% complete

Challenges 2017

─ GENERAL: This year, I'll try to have different challenges from the ones before. Instead of listing dramas and movies I really want to watch and that I am watching, I'm planning to only list a drama/movie once I've completed/dropped it in the order I finished them and see, how long I take to watch it (with dramas only) as well as how many dramas/movies I can watch in a year.─

Drama Challenge

Completed = C, dropped = D

C 8th December 2016 - 7th January 2017: First Kiss for the Seventh Time (8 Eps.)

C 17th November 2016 - 12nd January 2017: Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo (16 Eps.)

C 8th November 2016 - 17th January 2017: Romantic Doctor Kim (20 Eps.)

C 17th January 2017: Romantic Doctor Kim's First Love/Special Episode (1 Ep.)

C 3rd December 2016 - 22nd January 2017: Goblin (16 Eps.)

C 15th January - 29th January 2017: Naked Fireman (4 Eps.)

C 20th December 2016 - 23rd February 2017: Hwarang (20 Eps.)

C 19th December 2016 - 24th February 2017: Solomon's Perjury (12 Eps.)

C 16th January - 14th March 2017: Voice (16 Eps.)

D 27th January - 15th March 2017: Chief Kim (8 of 20 Eps.)

C 5th February - 27th March 2017: Tomorrow With You (16 Eps.)

C 12nd April - 14th April 2017: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (23 Eps.)

C 25th February - 16th April 2017: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (16 Eps.)

C 21st March - 10th May 2017: The Liar And His Lover (16 Eps.)

C 25th February - 12nd April 2017, 14th May - 17th May 2017: Kuzu no Honkai (12 Eps.)

C 2nd April - 23rd May 2017: Tunnel (16 Eps.)

C 14th April - 5th June 2017: Chicago Typewriter (16 Eps.)

D 21st December - 25th December 2016; 7th June - 9th June 2017: The Day After We Broke Up (4 of 8 Eps.)

D 22nd April - 9th June 2017: Man to Man (6 of 16 Eps.)

D 12nd June 2017: My Only Love Song (4 of 20 Eps.)

D 12nd May - 17th June 2017: Suspicious Partner (24 of 40 Eps.)

C 24th May - 29th June 2017: Circle (12 Eps.)

C 23rd June  - 4th July 2017: Wednesday 3:30pm (15 Eps.)

D 17th June; 9th July 2017: Hit the Top (4 of 32 Eps.)

C 30th May - 11st July 2017: Fight My Way (16 Eps.)

C 30th May - 13rd July 2017: Lookout (32 Eps.)

C 11st May - 14th July 2017: Emperor, Owner of the Mask (40 Eps.)

C 14th July - 6th August 2017: Queen for Seven Days (20 Eps.)

C 4th July - 26th August 2017: The Bride of Habaek (16 Eps.)

C 19th July - 9th September 2017: School 2017 (16 Eps.)

C 20th August - 1st October 2017: Strongest Deliveryman (16 Eps.)

D 29th July - 2nd October 2017: Reunited Worlds (29 of 40 Eps.)

D 14th August - 2nd October 2017: Manhole (2 of 16 Eps.)

Movie Challenge

7th June 2017: The King

19th July 2017: Confessions

Live concerts

  •  2 concerts of ZWEI at the Animagic 2013 (yearly Japan Convention that I visited from 2012-2016)
  • JAM Project at the Animagic 2013
  • Jupiter on February 7th 2014
  • B.A.P Live On Earth Europe Attack 2014 on May 3rd 2014
  • Girugamesh Monster Europe tour on May 31st 2014
  • ZWEI at the Animagic 2014 on August 1st and 2nd 2014
  • Milktub at the Animagic 2014 on August 1st and 2nd 2014
  • Unsayn at the Animagic 2014 on August 1st 2014
  • Luna Haruna at the Animagic 2014 on August 1st 2014
  • Unsayn at the Animagic 2015 on July 31st 2015
  • Seven Arc at the Animagic 2015 on August 1st 2015
  • One OK Rock 35XXXV Europe tour on December 12nd 2015
  • Girugamesh Chimera Europe tour on May 14th 2016
  • Monsta X Beautiful Europe tour on August 11st 2017
  • Drug Restaurant Europe tour on September 23rd 2017

Drama watching:

Usually I decide whether to keep watching a drama I just started after the first episode. If I decide not to keep watching it, I would put it on hold. That doesn't mean I drop the drama.

My principle is not to drop a drama if I hadn't watched at least 2 episodes (often it depends on the sum of episodes a drama has, but usually with dramas with a total of 16 eps., I watch at least 2 episodes) because my opinion is that I don't do the drama justice if I drop it after 1 episode as I don't know how it will develop.

In my on hold list, I don't only have dramas that I have started but don't feel like watching at the moment and don't want to drop, I have dramas I want to watch next as well - so please don't be confused.

There is no certain rating at which I drop the drama, I simply drop it, when I am bored of it and feel like wasting my time or when I am annoyed by it.

I try to finish every drama I start, not to have too many dramas on hold (so sometimes I do some "cleaning up" in my on hold list) and not to watch too many dramas at once. The latter is because I experienced that I lose interest easily if I watch too many dramas at the same time. Also I wouldn't be able to catch up with all the dramas because I am still going to school and also have other stuff to do.

For my favorite dramas and movies, just click on my list, I try to keep it as updated as possible ^-^ The same goes for favorite actors and actresses.

Variety/reality shows:

  • Infinite Sesame Player completed
  • MBLAQ Sesame Player planned
  • B1A4 MTV Diary planned
  • Block B MTV Diary planned
  • B2ST´s Showtime completed
  • 2 Days&1 Night Season 3 1
  • This is Infinite 1
  • B.A.P Killing Camp completed
  • B.A.P Attack completed
  • B.A.P Diary planned
  • Girls' Generation Hello Baby 1
  • MyDOL VIXX planned
  • VIXX TV planned
  • Happy Camp planned
  • Unpretty Rapstar planned
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Kim Min Jae x V completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Nam Joohyuk x Ji Soo completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - L x Kim Minsuk completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Minwoo x Jungkook completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Gongchan x Hongbin 1
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Jiseok x Park Kyung planned
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - N x Wongeun completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Jooheon x Jackson completed
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Ryeowook x Hyungshik 1
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - JB x Youngjae 1-2
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Zico x Choi Taejoon planned
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Sungjae x Youngmin x Kwangmin 1-3
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Dongeoon x Gikwang planned
  • Flowerboy's Bromance - Jung Joon Young x Roy Kim planned
  • Infinite's Showtime planned
  • I Live Alone planned
  • Real Got7 Season 3 planned
  • One Fine Day With B1A4 1-3
  • Astro Project planned
  • Astro Ok! Ready planned


  • Korean Drama: Boys Before Flowers
  • Japanese Drama: Hana Kimi
  • Taiwanese Drama: Just You
  • Chinese Drama: Boss&Me
  • Hong Kong Drama: N/Y
  • Thai Drama: Hormones Season 1
  • Korean Movie: 19-Nineteen
  • Japanese Movie: Death Note
  • Taiwanese Movie: N/Y
  • Chinese Movie: Tai Chi Zero
  • Hong Kong Movie: IP Man 2
  • Thai Movie: Yes or No

Music groups and solo artists that I like:

Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Billy Talent, Sleeping with Sirens

Big Bang, B.A.P, MBLAQ, BTOB, Block B (with their solo stuff and unit releases), Beast/Highlight, B1A4, the old EXO, the old SHINee (and Taemin's and Jonghyun's solo releases ), Ailee, IU, CN BLUE, FT Island, Infinite, BTS, Royal Pirates, VIXX (with unit and solo releases), Winner, Monsta X, Day6, Epik High, Akdong Musician, Seventeen (and their subunits and solos), Boys Republic, GOT7, SF9, Victon, Astro, Mamamoo, Pentagon, NU'EST (and NU'EST W), Jung Joon Young, Lou.de, 10cm, Jessica, Hyuna, iKON, Girl's Day, Dream Catcher, Drug Restaurant, The Rose, Golden Child, IZ, N.Flying, Stray Kids, A.C.E, Jace, Imfact, Jung Jinwoo


Girugamesh, One OK Rock, My First Story, SiM, MUCC, ZWEI, L´arc en ciel, unSayn, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, the Gazette, SuG


Yan Aaron,  Luhan, T-Crash, Dewen, Lay/Zhang Yixing, Z.Tao, Wang Jiro, Bii

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Thx for stopping by!! :3


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