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  • tiitek Feb 17, 2013
    Hihi cool that you know them ^.^
    Hmm well Bridal Mask is my fav, don't think it will change by anytime but for long period of time I was in love with City Hunter, and it was 1st. I like action revenge dramas with cutie badass as lead and moral conflict they need to overcome. Reply is my bias cause it's fresh and different and I marathoned it twice already :P Scent of Woman is my fav romcom for now- maybe it would change someday dunno, but still Scent of a woman has mine absolute fav OTP *.*
    I'm hesitating on 5th place, for now it's King2Hearts. I was so in love with this drama while it aired and afterwords, but now... hmm... I have a slice change of heart towards Flower Boy next door or Vampire prosecutor 2, I even wavered while watching School 2013 and if Winter will keep it standards I think 5th place will change :P
    How about yours biases?
  • tiitek Feb 15, 2013
    I feel you! Main girl was so unique - so unusually rare in Drama World too bad T.T But if I would choose strong femile protagonist- main girl in Innocet Man was cool, main heroine in Kim Sam Soon - do you know them?
  • tiitek Feb 14, 2013
    Hi, just read your review on Me too flower- it's awesome I loved that drama so much! And I think more people should know it! Btw great review :)
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