My - LONG X') -  Drama History ~

My journey in Dramaland began in 2011 or 2012 (I'm not sure anymore), when I was slightly interested in the asian world (particurlarly manga, anime shoujo, and kpop). I've never been a BIG otaku nor a BIG kpop fan (even now the only really popular anime I've watched is Naruto from time to time and I'm still unable to clearly distinguish BTS members, tho they were one of the first band I listened to ^^'). 

But too much blabbering! One day I was listening to some kpop songs on ytb, when I came across this drama called "My Princess". It was basically about a modern day princess of Korea in "an alternative world" where K would have kept its royalty. Back then I was a sucker for this kind of story, I mean I grew up reading Meg Cabot's Princess' Diaries series and watching the movies' adaptation with the gorgeous Anne Hathaway, I was so a big fan that I almost feel like Mia Thermopolis is a childhood friend now (It sounds a little bit pathetic I know xD.). 

Btw I did watch this drama and it was a lot of fun, I remember having thoroughly enjoyed the ride (much much more than the next drama I'll talk about). 

A few months later I discovered a musical highschool drama (and again I'm highschoolmusicalgrownupwith child x') so sorrynotsorry)  - with two of the boys from my current boysband's crush (2PM) AND it was on my VOD service (which means no need to looking for hours to find french subs ^^'), so I tried it, and as much as it was good I ended up not finishing Dream High for whatever reasons.

After that I didn't watch anything else for like 3 years (?); but then I reached high-school and came across a TONS of people who were watching kdramas and listening kpop and we often use to talk about it; so during my winter break in february 2015 I  started watching a few dramas. I don't really remember the order but during these two weeks I was in my bedroom watching non-stop : Playfull Kiss (which I hated with all my heart, tho~  I had enjoyed the anime back in middle school), Secret Garden (a very nice ride), BOF (muuuuuuuuuuuh. and I coudln't even take GJP seriously with this perm of him lawl), Marriage not Dating, Fated to love you (very much enjoyed both), AND Coffee Prince

CP got under my skin like NO other dramas had managed to, and it was just insta-love for me (and weirdly I remember in the first seconds of CP when Eun chan is like on her scooter deliviring food I was like "I don't know why, but I'm going to love this drama..." and I really did ^^') . From that moment I became a real addict to dramaland (and even more than I've never been with kpop or western TV shows ^^'). That's why even though today that I've watched bunch of others dramas and can clearly see that CP wasn't so perfect it will still always have a special spot in my heart

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  1. I'm Maks, an introvert college student of 19 yo. Other than watching asian dramas I love reading (and really it's my first luv), writing, watching movies and also a few western TV shows sometimes. I've a huge indecent - considering it could be my dad - crush on Lee Sun Gyun, I love his voice and laugh; and he was my first (and still one of my few) second lead syndrome ever in Coffee Prince, tho I loved Gong Yoo too in it :'). I'm learning Chinese for some years now. I'm a proud body positive and feminist. I was born and grew up in France, but my parents are african, so I'm multicultural girl -basically x')- and my real name is an african name. Btw my favorite food are african and asian food (and they're the most healthful and tasteful on the planet :P), but I really love italian food too. One of my bigest dream (if not my bigest dream) is to have a job that allows me to travel all around the world and discover many cultures.

I'm a sucker for  ❤ :

Basically I love all kind of drama (romance, melodrama, comedy, action, supernatural,crime/investigation historical, makjang...), there aren't a genre I despise more than another (well maybe high school drama? it has to be very solid for me to try it ^^'), but I find myself more draw to dramas with mature characters and full of twists. 

↠ Badass leading lady : pretty resourceful/smart (!!!!)/combative/sassy (whitout being annoying)/not passive, with min the average amount of self-esteem. 

↠ Charming and charismatic male lead with min the average amount of respect for other human being. 

↠ SMARTLY WRITTEN story/characters that developped over several years.

Marriage/relationship contract or "we have to live under the same roof omg" kind of. (guilty pleasure *-*).

↠ SMARTLY WRITTEN multifaced-characters.

↠ Genuine characters that still made you dream and going nuts (ex : Fight for my way, We married as a job, Another Miss Oh...)

↠ Squad (all sort of -weird- individuals held together and strive to reach a common goal).

↠ SMARTLY WRITTEN villain' character (ex : Yeo Jung Hoon in Mask <3).

↠ SMARTLY WRITTEN hate-love relathionship (I kind of prefer when it's in a melodrama). 


Favorite OTPs

              a0d73a5799c8a5088ee09492f20b995191f4cbbb       a6f9e42014dbfab8f7672a3a2cdb9492125ec224

Go Eun Chan x Choi Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

 tumblr_n9vms7nLMS1rhpc16o4_250.gif      EIz0Ekg.gif          

Jang Jae Yul x Ji Hae Soo (It's okay that's love)

      77361388_Petty_Romance2010dvdripxvidHAVC    tumblr_lmxzhcUoxK1qazpa2.gif               

  Jang Bae x Dae Rim (Petty Romance)

  tumblr_of9gtl7Gqw1vddp3so1_500.gif      oYeYgn7.gif

Moriyama Mikuri x Tsuzaki Hiramasa (Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu)


  tumblr_ooci9sfrGY1qdo38ao4_r1_1280.gif     tumblr_oobuss375v1qdo38ao5_r1_500.gif  

Zheng Chu x Su Mang (Across the Ocean to See You)

10 Masterpiece. Or my enjoyment was big enough to make me forget the - very very few - flaws.

9,5/9An amazing ride. Insanely moving or funny, an excellent story, superb acting. The half-point is up to my bonus enjoyment point (I particularly cherished one acting, the OST, or the message its send, on a personal plan).  

8,5/8 - Great. Not perfect, but certainly high-quality :  the writing was ingenious and it was really entertaining. The half-point is up to my bonus enjoyment point (I particularly cherished one acting, the OST, or the message its send on a personal plan).

7,5/7 -  Good. Overall well put together, the ride was enjoyable but I clearly wasn't in awe all along bcoz some stuffs were a bit off. The half-point is up to my bonus enjoyment point (I particularly cherished one acting, the OST, or the message its send on a personal plan). 

6,5/6 - .Quite Good. Some things were really good, some could have been done WAY better. Still pretty enjoyable.The half-point is up to my bonus enjoyment point (I particularly cherished one acting, the OST, or the message its send on a personal plan). 

5,5/5 - Quite bad. Recommended if you're in a certain mood and if you like the style, or an actor in it. Filled with flaws, (incoherences, flat writing or bad acting and was most likely annoying at some points..) but still quite a lot of nice parts. 

4,5/4 -  Mostly bad. And even though there probably were some positive things they hardly make-up for the rest. I don't personally recommend.

3,5/3   Terrible. Poor acting, story, writing, the whole ride (or at least a large part) was frustrating and painful. (the points are generally only for some eyes candies scenes).



1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (31) - 7/10  

2. Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (32) - 8,5/10 ♥

3. Secret (33) - 7,5/10

4. Goblin (34) - 6,5/10 


5. Loving, Never Forgetting (35) - 3,5/10                                                                                                    

6. Missing 9 (36) - 7/10

7. Battle Of Changsha (37) - 8/10 

8. Signal (38) - 10/10 

9. Queen Of the ring (39) - 5/10 

10. Bump Off Lover (40) - 7/10


11. Ouroboros (41) - 8/10

12. To Be a Better Man (42) - 8,5/10

13. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (43) - 5/10

14. Across the Ocean to See You (44) - 8/10 


15. The Princess' Man (45) - 8,5/10

16. Radiant Office (46) - 6,5/10

17. Cheese In the Trap (47) - 7,5/10

18. Mother (48) - 8,5/10

19. Falling for Innocence (49) - 7/10


20. Reply 1994 (50) - 6/10

21. Circle (51) - 8/10


22. Fight for my way (52) - 6,5/10


Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Hae Young - (Another Miss Oh)  



                         Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim - (The King Of Dramas) 


Aragaki Rui as Moriyama Mikuri - (We Married as a Job)


Jo In Sung as Jang Jae Jul - (It's Okay That's Love)


Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan -(Coffee Prince)    


Cho Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han - (Signal)


Fujiki Naohito as Tachibana Rintaro - (Last Cinderella)


Gong Hyo Jin ♥ as Ji Hae Soo - (It's Okay that's Love)


Moon Chae Won as Princess Seryung (The Princess' Man)


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