Welcome to my Profile~

My name is Frya desu. I'm from Japan Village O\\\\\O.

Let's me intro myself..... hahahaha *devil laugh* 

An otaku girl? A drama girl? A silent girl ? A creative girl ?

YES!  Nya~

Maybe my age is already grown into 20+ but i still like those things. I keep silent about my attitude to all my friends because i don't want they know about myself.



Actually i don't know how to describe about myself to anyone around me.

I like to make a friends in around the world with my interest and hobby. Share the opinion with other people are good but not all of them agree with our opinion.

By the way,I'm like about the culture,fashion,food and etc in Japan. I prefer to Japan and other country a little bit. I not good in english but i'm try. 

Okay.Just stop to say about myself ......

I'm energetic person and half crazy girl.

  1. Do you know Hatsune Miku ?
  2. Vocaloid is my Passion! Well, not only a child can interest about vocaloid. I'm not a type of human who like one thing only. I can be a other person who not in my personality. Jeng Jeng Jeng. 

Come on! Get your world real with the things you want! Make it reality! You can beat a other person who doesn't like you. Chu Chu! 

Well....A one word can make your world changed in blink of an eyes. Believe it!


Fujigaya and Kitayama is so adorable! 

Well,Fujigaya is the one seduced me with his voice. HAHAHAHA and Kitayama with his eyes. Ohooooo 

In the end, I fall in their trap. huhuhu

I keep liking both of them in Kis My Ft2. Sweet partner ever. Although their age is incresing age. 


Oh Kento san! Your eyes,face,teeth and voice can make all girls falling in love with you ! 

Can you be my candy  ?  or  I be your candy ? 

Arghhhh... I can't see his smile. It makes every girl fall in love. Please stop him please. HAHAHA

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