instagram! and yes I know there's a lot of selfies cause just kidding :D

Well hello
my name Is Mikhal
born on Valentine's Day of 96
love music till the end of the world
know English, Spanish. Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese
(currently studying Korean)

I started watching dramas a long time ago but only in the last year I kinda of watch them more often
and I also started to watch dramas the are currently broadcasting in Korea.. I kinda of blame it on my friend and also on the fact that I don't have time to watch Latin soap operas anymore :(

my first ever Korean drama was Full house that was broadcasted in 2005 in my country.. I was a little girl and I didn't quiet understood what this is but it was on the soap opera channel so I didn't mind watching it.
since than I was watching about 2-3 Korean dramas in a year that were broadcasted in this channel.

In the eight grade I made an upgrade. I started watching dramas not only on TV but also on the Internet
I was exposed to the Taiwanese world of drams thanks to another friend of my who brought me a CD with Devil Beside You, I was IN LOVE! Mike totally captured me so I watched Why Why Love too :D

and than I got another CD with  the drama that I watched probably over 10 times- Your Beautiful and then I fell in love again. I fell in love with the Korean music, I fell in love with the characters and most important.. I fell in love with Jung Guen Suk. He was, is and will be my fav actor. I love him!

Favorite drama ever

when the main leads start their relationship very fast, I'm like:

but still, I'm so happy. and their kisses just make my heart beat faster(here are some examples)-
well I got some more but I think it's enough :D

BUT. when someone interrupts just before this kind of kiss, I'm like WHAAAT?

YOU! Just get out of there already and let them kiss!!

first Korean drama & movie: Full House; Baby & I

first Taiwanese drama & movie: Devil Beside You; Love in Disguise

first Japanese drama & movie: Koizora; Virgin Snow

maybe I should add some hugs or romantic situations?

ohh so romantic

I can't handle bad ending, so don't recommend a drama like this :D

I want to congratulate myself for watching dramas that are broadcasting now with eng subs and sticking to it:

but unfortunately, not all the eps are being subbed fast and then I feel so much!!)

and when I see there's finally subs and they're only selective subs/it doesn't work I'm like-

favorite Korean boy band: 2PM
favorite Korean girl band: Girls Generation
and finally a New song:
and well how can it be my profile without him. the best singer in the Kpop world:

favorite unnies: Man/Gifs/Ep 151/tumblr_mov06wHwgz1qdcel5o9_250_zpsc5866a5a.gif's+sun+gif.gif

favorite variety show: Running Man lovely Monday couple :D
on ER Couple:
I also watch occasionally Mamma Mia, Happy Together, Weekly Idol and Radio star.



whenever I see this guy on my screen-,
only one thought comes into my mind:

currently on my playlist (if you press on the gif, you can see the MV):
To all the people who are saying that KPOP sucks:

currently watching:

I really love talking about every subject so talk with me! Saranghe macros/tumblr_m5f4kfuDXm1rn3thf.gif

Just laugh. The world will become a better place!


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  • gceanmgnovlasco 17 days ago
    hello there! how are you? sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy and still am but finding some time to keep in touch and be updated here again. haha! :) what's the latest show you have watched? see you around :)
  • MiUnmei 26 days ago
    So sorry for the late reply!
    Thank you for accepting my friend request, it's nice to meet you too! :) I'm Sara, looks like we are the same age as well ^_^
  • Mica Mar 15, 2014
    Hahaha... then u must watch it. ^___^
    Okay thanks!!! I'll try that one then... btw tell me do u like "My princess" I hope you will... xD
  • NinaCBrandon Mar 15, 2014
    I think it's better now to have a peep to the next episode's preview, since that's going to make you die wanting to watch it rightaway! They'll probably get back in time more than once, I think... As for the guy, he's probably going to want to go for her from now on (if he survives) because she's been such a nuisance even before he got to know about her...
  • Mica Mar 9, 2014
    It's awesome, continue!!! ^___^
    Yeah I do watch a lot... I didn't know about "Good days" yeah I will try it thanks! I already watch a lot, so idk when will I have time, but I'll definitely watch it. xD
    OF COURSE!!! I always search for new dramas... so if u know some good ones u can totally recommend. :D
    And I recommend k-drama "my princess" if u want more just ask. xD
  • NinaCBrandon Mar 9, 2014
    The long drama I mentioned is Potato Star 2013QR3, and it's currently airing, but they're subbing it really slowly, so it's not like it's taking much of my time, either. I love it, it's really funny (at least for me).
    And yes, I'm watching God's Gift - 14 Days, and I'm loving it indeed. I love the cast and the acting, and the plot it's really shocking
  • MaRinaLuli Mar 6, 2014
    I started watching God's Gift-14 Days for Lee Boo Young and it is really amazing, her acting is mind-blowing!^^
  • Mica Mar 6, 2014
    I'm watching a lot atm... "Bride of the century", "Cunning single lady", "Emergency couple", and the list goes on... I love "You who came from the stars" if u haven't watched it yet, try. xD And "Queen In-hyuns man" great one as well. Btw I'm sorry for late reply. Do u know any good drama to watch? xDD
  • NinaCBrandon Mar 6, 2014
    Hahaha I love J-dramas, though they're being kind of 'meh' and not so innovative right now. There's plenty of different plots I didn't try yet in the K-drama. I started a family drama, 120 eps (short ones). That's what I mean by 'long'. I think I'm going to watch Empress Ki when I get to spare more time, since it looks so addictive. By now, I'm trying to watch only those dramas currently airing. I'll be a good girl for now =)
  • MizDramaQueen Mar 2, 2014
    Thanks for accepting!!
    Aww thanks love, I love yours too <333
    Yes! More Hottest fans
    Glad to meet a fellow 2pm lover. Do you have a bias?
    I'm good and yourself?
  • sa6abe Mar 1, 2014
    Hi Mikhal! I also fell in love with kdramas thanks to Viva! :) My first was Sam Soon.
  • educto1 Feb 28, 2014
    Hi, thanks for adding me!

    I see you've just finished YWCFTS. That drama was close to amazing!
  • MaRinaLuli Feb 28, 2014
    i'm watching The Princess' Man and My love from the stars they are both good i'm enjoying them :) and you?
  • NinaCBrandon Feb 28, 2014
    Sounds good! Now I'm trying to watch longer dramas, since I've watched a few short Japanese dramas and I'm not used to it, but a variety show could teach me some stuff about the culture, so I'm in!
  • MaRinaLuli Feb 23, 2014
    I'm fine, thanks! and you?
    Nice to meet you too ^^
    Heehee Thank you! :D


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