tumblr_m5itud9WM41r9by6to1_500.gif-HELLO?! safe_image.php?d=AQBNGlPYnDyA4mrw&url=ht

To clarify- I'm super large while ranking dramas (sometimes movies as well), so if you see a drama that is ranked 7 or below, just don't get close to it ! :))

tumblrinstagram! tumblr_nmiu9n5psr1srjs1oo3_540.gifand yes I know there's a lot of selfies cause http://24.media.tumblr.com/3b2d1a3ac4ea54e299262a2615e336f8/tumblr_n1u2cjiUhR1s5zdm7o4_250.gif just kidding :D well not really tumblr_ntonl6Su0o1qzhiduo1_1280.gif


Well hello
my name Is Mikhal
born on Valentine's Day of 96
love music till the end of the world
know English, Spanish. Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese
(currently studying Korean)

I started watching dramas a long time ago but only in the last year I kinda of watch them more often and I also started to watch dramas the are currently broadcasting in Korea.. I kinda of blame it on my friend and also on the fact that I don't have time to watch Latin soap operas anymore :(

my first ever Korean drama was Full house that was broadcasted in 2005 in my country.. I was a little girl and I didn't quiet understood what this is but it was on the soap opera channel so I didn't mind watching it.
since than I was watching about 2-3 Korean dramas in a year that were broadcasted in this channel.

In the eight grade I made an upgrade. I started watching dramas not only on TV but also on the Internet

I was exposed to the Taiwanese world of drams thanks to another friend of my who brought me a CD with Devil Beside You, I was IN LOVE! Mike totally captured me so I watched Why Why Love too :D

and than I got another CD with  the drama that I watched probably over 10 times- Your Beautiful and then I fell in love again. I fell in love with the Korean music, I fell in love with the characters and most important.. I fell in love with Jung Guen Suk. He was, is and will be my fav actor. I love him
profile was written in 2013

Hope you don't have this face tumblr_n9ufej67sk1sny37mo2_500.gif after all the reading cause there's many more interesting things to come ;) tumblr_mybo7zfm9m1rzt6xso1_250.gif
tumblr_nd3pr77Yg01r5c02zo1_400.gif NONONO! I promise it will be worth it :) tumblr_n6r7cwj4eW1roa2cuo1_500.gif

 tumblr_my1lp9kWr31rrvrqjo1_250.gifYES!That's the spirit Jiyoungi oppa :* LET'S START687474703a2f2f32392e6d656469612e74756d62

Come & join me in my drama story

When I just start the drama and see a very handsome oppa as the main lead I'm obviously

Then when I see that the main female lead is one of my favorite Unnis, I'm even more thrilled

but when the main leads start their relationship way too fast, I'm like:http://data.whicdn.com/images/36238397/tumblr_m981vkYg421rbk595o2_500_large.giflet me a momento porfavor!

but still, I'm so happy. and their kisses just make my heart beat faster(here are some examples)-
well I got some more but I think it's enough :D and tumblr_nzfygveoAb1suaw8oo2_r1_400.gif lol

BUT. when someone interrupts just before this kind of kiss, I'm like WHAAAT?http://24.media.tumblr.com/12e1dce9a9185ccb445191909ccf00cd/tumblr_mi14w7FAnN1qdcel5o5_250.gif

YOU! Just get out of there already and let them kiss!!http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llkq1gyLXc1qia0fb.gif

I run like this towards my dramas whenever I finish my work
tumblr_n86wzxY1q71qjm2elo1_1280.gif(Can't hear you! lalala Not going to stay for extra hours!!)

first Korean drama & movie: Full House; Baby & I

first Taiwanese drama & movie: Devil Beside You; Love in Disguise

first Japanese drama & movie: Koizora; Virgin Snow

first Thai drama: Full House

first Chinese drama & movie: Never Give Up Dodo, Love You You

maybe I should add some hugs or romantic situations?

ohh so romantic http://s7.postimg.org/3ykwt3jhn/adore8.gif  tumblr_o0kde6iKBx1szy5g7o2_400.gif

I can't handle bad ending, http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mckqw1FZoG1ru9ed6.gif so don't recommend a drama like this :D but not just me..
I think everybody dislikes bad ending so stay away from it or tumblr_ntfismhrIP1rx0r81o3_500.giftumblr_mlz6xfG7aX1rogunxo1_500.gif It hurts so much :///
Why Can't it all be lovey dovey like this? tumblr_nsc3dgV7vu1r5c02zo1_400.gif

I want to congratulate myself for keeping up with so many dramas and variety shows at the same time :tumblr_inline_o3xoubQN7V1qelu2x_500.gif    http://25.media.tumblr.com/2e2dfdada56bd60391f39994ddec6526/tumblr_mhea4omFhT1s07alxo1_500.gif

but unfortunately, not all the eps are being subbed fast and then I feel so much http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsfts85I1s1qeu214o2_500.gif(stress!!)

and when I see there's finally subs and they're only selective subs/it doesn't work I'm like-http://25.media.tumblr.com/9197f85a88adc8ccc4fc6590cba9489a/tumblr_myh9louw3h1s7vpl4o6_250.gif

nothing to do with but-tumblr_mhx492BAjb1r9p8q6o1_500.gif
&tumblr_nz8thhrUGn1tmjt2ko2_400.giftumblr_nz8thhrUGn1tmjt2ko4_400.gifkekeke ;)

favorite Korean boy group: 2PM
favorite Korean girl group: Girl's Generation/SNSD


and well how can it be my profile without him. the best singer in the Kpop world: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mank08BdBX1roeolr.gif

and as a graduate from a musical facility in the vocal department, I can notice who are the idols who can really sing so I'll put here a few of them that I acknowledge, the first row are girls that I respect more than the second one cause they're just way too talented! (I'm sure you know them all, but feel free to ask if you don't recognize one of them ;). 

 tumblr_nb96w16nBo1rb3q0eo3_250.gif  tumblr_ntoy5dxWzA1u8va1ho9_r2_250.gif  tumblr_nsifa9W7kR1rub9ibo4_r1_250.gif  tumblr_ntglu4OhYi1sv7r9yo7_400.gif  tumblr_ntgi4uvbpZ1s5q5l6o6_400.gif  tumblr_nqzdt8c8p31tm6tcuo3_250.gif  tumblr_nmmhbv1ldW1qg5nyao2_400.gif  tumblr_nu0e6tw9Jx1sne000o6_r1_250.gif  tumblr_ndkiejccTT1rds5lgo6_400.gif

rettiest (face+body) female Idols (it's easier for me to choose a few females but with men it's more difficult cause I just like them all LOL so I won't rank them like girls..hope you'll understand):                                         tumblr_mbwe9voXbn1rcq2w8o2_500.giftumblr_mm7fsvlP311s3vshxo5_500.gifb_w.gif tumblr_mv90r6aUpJ1qa6xg3o4_250.gif tumblr_mytth9BVty1to5b4go1_500.gif

but noun of them is as pretty as this unni tumblr_ntqgpvYOdt1uq4zv4o1_540.gif
nor this onetumblr_nifabhpL4B1u6ia1go2_500.gif(though I know that almost nothing in her is netural)

Favorite Unnies (in random order):

http://25.media.tumblr.com/f29bdeecc993907b27158173d8d0efda/tumblr_mldiqytmqu1qdcel5o8_250.gifhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IEfWv1okvKA/UNKHP57fmQI/AAAAAAAAXBM/DSwB476douA/s1600/Park+Shin+Hye+Strong+Hearrt+Cute+Pretty+Counting+123+GIF+(5).gif http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9s3mmQvHo1qimrxjo1_500.gifhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m50bnj7W5K1r5wyslo2_400.gifhttp://i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd481/CeecileArya/Running Man/Gifs/Ep 151/tumblr_mov06wHwgz1qdcel5o9_250_zpsc5866a5a.gifhttp://31.media.tumblr.com/e071f570167b87255b36337f4e360ac9/tumblr_mtj8nyvfQF1sev9umo1_500.gifhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m58o40vdgq1qehp59o1_500.gifhttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RULa_ZyFKgY/UlVVon7S8EI/AAAAAAAAG_s/4SLKbG3sKhc/s1600/Master's+sun+gif.giftumblr_nnvnhxkE5J1uukbkvo2_r1_500.giftumblr_ljlzct9w171qj2nt0o1_500.giftumblr_na09p6Mv081rgnsfko1_500.gif

favorite variety show: Running Man
tumblr_nqqol3h9vJ1uuvq6eo1_500.gif- Well that makes the two of us ;)http://media.tumblr.com/c8b84d1e6ba19514d52ce74c2b69d6f8/tumblr_inline_mmtyobrNnG1qz4rgp.gif http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-MvfXBdt9g-Y/UjggrLiOhWI/AAAAAAAABG4/AcDkeE3FLPQ/s1600/163-3-2.gif

My Lovely Monday couple on ER Couple:
I also watch Infinity Challengetumblr_m7i5hvF4Hl1qcqux1.gif,
3 Meals A Daytumblr_np8ujv8TbG1siqvhio6_250.gif,
Weekly Idol tumblr_mkq4k6ue8N1rs42ppo4_250.gif,
and Superman is Back tumblr_nx1bhdYcze1qdfrxjo6_250.gif



whenever I see this guy on my screen-http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-83povj519DM/T978SMl3goI/AAAAAAAARUA/gsZev_Q_PCg/s1600/03-1_1~1.GIF
only one thought comes into my mind:http://media.giphy.com/media/mReYENAM3AWeA/giphy.gifso I'm going to ask him tumblr_o3nkyh0Bcl1rcqh2vo3_1280.gifbut probably oppa is thinking tumblr_mn1s4iASyI1sq04vgo1_500.gif cause you're you and you are amazing!!! tumblr_nr31ioWYau1qfakbgo1_r1_250.gif (though I don't really like your music- So Ganzhi??)

So as you understood this guy from above is my current BF in my dreamland, no need to roll your eyes large.gif, we live happily together for a year and a half now! tumblr_nyqdclhVKT1tmjt2ko8_400.gif
I just hope oppa won't look like this on our first encounter h3.gif ;)

I'd rather it to be like this tumblr_o1h25r8wmz1tkfqloo2_400.gif and I'll answer tumblr_o1bjpvLhQ11ql0375o1_540.gif
 tumblr_o1j83tDaNN1rt0e9go1_500.gifI'm coming my Bae *-*

currently on my playlist (if you press on the gif, you can see the MV):exid-up-and-down.gif
tumblr_nmvvto8ywe1s71uyuo9_250.gifEven onew can't help himself tumblr_o3lvr5g6nY1suaw8oo3_r1_400.gif

and even Minguk can't seem to be tired from Up&Down mingook-exid-up-and-down.gif so cute*_*

Rookies that have caught my eye (debuted in 2016):
(i.o.i)tumblr_of7c2ewjsi1sap8u2o10_500.giftumblr_obomo0QjXl1uvha1fo1_500.gif(Black Pink)

To all the people who are saying that KPOP sucks: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmtmzdrMLV1qalb51.gif


Currently Watching:
tumblr_ob7m09ZiqZ1ql46ngo2_400.gif tumblr_oessujCyfV1vdw4rao6_400.gif tumblr_oedo5kmf5a1sard4to1_500.giftumblr_ofb3ocdEMm1rzu0rto1_500.gif tumblr_oe2axvkpg81sp2kg8o3_500.gif tumblr_oewfzn6U1X1vyoyyvo2_400.gif

Currently Shipping:
tumblr_of8wrq5ZKN1tmjt2ko4_400.gif tumblr_ofba8lXIJW1rbdzd2o1_400.gif tumblr_oeoxoo5kOE1uukbkvo4_r1_250.gif tumblr_ody5slD0ci1upxlsho5_400.gif tumblr_of8wrq5ZKN1tmjt2ko9_400.gif

non-Asian :

Pages of actors which I made on MDL:
Han Joo HyunPark Joon (G.O.D)JunoLambert Lincoln Paul; Yoo Ji YeonYoo Sung EumJang Sung BumJang Seo HeeChangmin (2AM)Kim Ae KyungSeo Nam YongSeo Min SeoShin Joo HwanNoh SusannaSun AhKim Won Hyo; Kim Ji MinLee Yoon JungPark Yeon SooHan Hye JinPark IsiahPark Ji Yoon; Lee Se YoungAhn Hae SooGyu HwiPim BubearKim SeolStephanieMun Jong WonKim Young HeeSon SanChoi Yoo JungYoon Jung SooAhn Sang WooNam Ki Ae; CheetahYerinJo Yeon Ho; Lee Hae InChanmiJung Chae Yeon;
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mchfs1EZXp1qi18rvo1_250.gifI really love talking about every subject so talk with me! Saranghe http://wowkpop.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/leeteuk-heart-gif.gif 

Just laugh. The world will become a better place!tumblr_lnf9stju6q1qk2u4ao1_500.gif

         So tumblr_mymqgi3rav1rxm3cdo1_500.gif
Annyong ;* tumblr_lm7o9tE8mS1qikbe9o1_500.gif

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