* uses lot of curse words with no damn meaning to em
 like yeah that just how I talk im sorry
 current hubby: Nam Gung Min
  if you hate ma hubs, please reconsider sending dat friend request
  Just for your own mental health :)


* also loves villains so.. if you hate em...
  and with this I don't mean positively hate them hahaha
  I advice the same = take care of ya mental health
* sometimes posts anime screencaps
  not usual but if watching something awesome
  which happens well once in 52378873 years
*is also sims trash so might post about that too at times
* # 분노조잘장애

Reasons I might have unfriended you:

* Spoilers
* too much kpoop for my feeds
*spamming too damn much (well very unlikely tho)
* I just hate u hahahahaha (ye that hardly is a case but maybe)
* # 분노조잘장애

mLn6z69L_524220_f.jpg(Gif credits go to the rightful ow nerds at, cute ass layout header thing by the great crimsonskyx)

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