Hey y'all!

I feel like every time i read someones profile they're confessing to some type of drama related addiction.... and I'm no different!

 This website should really be called drama addict anonymous! I only just started watching drama's this year and have fallen in love. There is a genre out there for everyone! 

I am so glad i found this website..... the thing about dramas is you have to gossip about them. Unfortunately none of my friends watch dramas =( Actually the first time i tried to talk to them about it they were like "what!" Thats when they start judging!

Now i just tell them whether they want to hear or not.

To which you're probably thinking 

But haven't we all done it one time.....when you've just watched the worlds biggest cliffhanger or finished what is potentially your favorite drama of all time!

If anyone has any suggestions about what are some good drama's feel free to post them down below.... It'd be really helpful!

My first Korean Drama-Coffee Prince

My first Korean Movie- Seducing Mr. Perfect

You want to kiss me now, don’t you? But I’m never going to kiss you.
My first Japanese Drama- Hana Kimi

My first Japanese Movie- Kimi ni Todoke
My first Chinese Drama- Startling By Each Step
My first Chinese Movie- Mulan

My first Taiwanese Drama- Skip beat (also first drama EVER!)

My first Taiwanese Movie- Sophies Revenge

Drama's I am in love with as of now: City Hunter, The Princess' Man, Starling By Each Step, Skip Beat!, Shut Up Boy Flower Band and Faith.


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  • Madie96 Oct 7, 2013
    :'( I'm not a loser!! ;P Give me some suggestions and I will!! :D
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Sep 12, 2013
    ikr all the couples in the drama r just amazing and the story is really well written
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Sep 9, 2013
    it's such a great drama
    i LOVEEED it <3 meari so cute :3
    it really deserve rating 10
    i didn't skip any moment in it <3
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Sep 6, 2013
    long time no talk chingo ^_^
    how r u ?
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Jul 30, 2013
    SURE :D
    if u need any help i am here just give me a buzz
    hope to keep in touch with u unnie
    i am 16 years ,,, how old r u ?
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Jul 30, 2013
    ooh it's my pleasure ;) and u gotta give those two dramas a try they r MASTERPIECE and i'd love to have a friend sharing the same feeling as me
    when my friends say how do u differentiate between them i say oh no there is a lot of difference actually i got 7 of my classmates to start watching kdramas :D hope u have fun watching ;D and i totally agree with the hot actors u r talking about :D
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Jul 30, 2013
    i can feel u
    all my friends say i am crazy and asians all look the same but they really dont know anything about the amazing world we know and btw ur profile is DAEBAK i loove it and almostly i watched all the dramas u mentioned :D i am the same as u that my first jdrama is hana kimi *nakatsu <3 <3*
    nice to meet u chingo :)
  • fishhead Jul 28, 2013
    Thank you! I said the same thing to myself about yours! I found you when you commented on some Spam and your comment made me laugh then I saw your page and it made me laugh some more! I love your Skip Beat gifs :D I've had Gu Family on hold at ep 8 for a while but I'm going to catch up today so we can enjoy simultaneously! ^^ Nice to meet you!
  • usagi_oimikado May 8, 2013
    no probelmo ;) anytime shingo :)
  • usagi_oimikado May 7, 2013
    Yes kind of its funny and kind of unbelievable especially the first part it would be greater if the main actress was diffrent i hate her and i dont know why ! Oh and gu family book is becoming interesting epo by epo but for me its still not considered as the best :)
  • usagi_oimikado May 7, 2013
    awh king 2 hearts i love that drama im watching gu family book and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
    did you watch it ?!
  • usagi_oimikado May 6, 2013
    Hhhhh thanks ^^ oh and thanks for accepting it ? Btw what are you watching lately ?
  • xAurorae Mar 11, 2013
    Haha, Brisbane here xD
  • xAurorae Mar 11, 2013
    I know right, we're not even that far off from Asia too :(
    Whereabouts are you in oz?
  • xAurorae Mar 10, 2013
    Aussies unite! xD


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