That moment when you are in an interview and they ask you to define yourself and all the existential questions rush to your mind. Exactly how I feel now.


What am I to say about myself? Well, things that might interest those visiting a drama website. Yes I am that trouble-making writer; the one who expresses her opinions knowing she might be hated and attacked. The writer who respects everyone's point of view but doesn't expect others to respect hers. The writer who writes because she lives for writing and who writes on dramas and films because her heart beats when she does, because nothing else does.


I'm the sort of addict who cools down after 3 years of getting addicted to anything. Well I kinda cooled down and by that I mean I don't get excited the same anymore when I watch things. The main reason is that I watched so many works I don't get easily impressed anymore. But just like my addiction to life itself where I live to look for the new, I keep watching to look for that one work. And thankfully I still find, and more than I expect.


My first Korean actor crush was Kwon Sang Woo since my first film ever was 71: Into the Fire and my first drama was Sad Love Story. He stayed number one until I watched Athena; Goddess of Fire 7 months afterwards and Kim Min Jong managed to move him to number two. Later Cha Seung Won occupied the second spot and KWS settled at 3 where he stays.


I had to wait till summer 2014 for Kim Min Jong to occupy my number one singer spot as well. It was Yesung since 2012 but KMJ simply crushed everyone and enthroned himself on my heart.


Kim Sun Ah is the one and only actress for me. I have number 2 and 3 but they keep changing. No body competes with her.

For the last 4 years I mainly watched and wrote on Korean dramas and films. Every things else was secondary; work, reading and handicraft. But now that I've started my Masters degree in English Literature in addition to my job I don't have much time for watching; being the studying freak I am. Still, I'll try to find time everyday for at least one episode and checking drama news. I'll keep writing no matter how seldom. Wish me luck. 

This is my personal blog. I don't post there regularly but I do whenever I have time. Please take some time to check it out:

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