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•❣•              ANNYEONG                                    




K-movie100 days with Mr. Arrogant

KdramaCan you hear my heart

Taiwanese drama- why why love

Taiwanese Movie- Hear Me

Chinese drama- LoveO2O

Cmovie- So I Married an Anti-Fan

Thai drama- Full House

Thai Movie-Friends Never Die

Jdrama- Hana Yori Dango

Jmovie- High School Debut

How I was Introduced to Kdramas and when?

In Nov 2015 my sister showed me 100 days with Mr. Arrogant on YouTube since then we started watching ‘South Korean movies with English subtitles’ on YouTube. I searched for 100 days with Mr. Arrogant movie actor Kim Jae Won’s wiki page and started watching my first ever kdrama Can you hear my heart on 10 Feb 2016. Since then there is no going back.Read more here.


9- liked it from start to end.

5- Half good.

0- Didn't like at all.

The sky is clear today, but it might get cloudy tomorrow.

Yesterday is no longer yours, so does now.

If you wish to say something kind, say it now.

There might not be a tomorrow.

The person you love won't always be next to you.

If you want to show affection, show it now.

If you want to smile, smile right now.

Do it right now. - Chicago Typewriter 

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Kdrama-   School 2017 (on air) 12/9/17          Plus Nine boys (binge) 27-29/8/2017Mini Drama/Special-   Love Playlist 20/7/2017 Kmovie-   Face reader 25/7/2017 Taiwanese drama-   Skip Beat 4-6/6/2017 Taiwanese Movie-   Lovesick 31/5/2017 Thai drama-   U prince series- The single lawyer, The badass baker 18-24/6/2017 Cdrama- Stay with me  21-26/9/2017

Cmovie- ---The bride---- --17/8/17---(Dropped)--

Jdrama-   We married as a job 14-15/7/2017

Jmovie- ----I gave my first love to you-----17/6/17--


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