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  • Location: Bahrain
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Annyeonghaseyo Chingu!

Some facts about me:

  1. • I am a 21 year old that's addicted to dramas, books, music and coffee. 
  2. • I used to love watching American series but ever since I was introduced to kdramas a year ago, that's • all I've been watching.
  3. • I watch Anime from time to time but I still haven't watched Jdramas. 
  4. • I've been introduced to some Cdramas and there have been ones that captivated me enough to finish them, but I do not usually go for them.
  5. • I love travelling and discovering new things.
  6. • I'm currently studying Medicine in China.
  7. • I speak English, Arabic, Chinese, and a bit Korean.
  8. • I like listening to the OST of the dramas that I enjoy, but other than that, EXO is the only group that I listen to. I'm quite obsessed with them. Especially Chan Yeol

 Some of my current crushes 



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