Pathetic 15 year old student. The reason? I am big Korean drama fan. 

I am born in the year of Horse (Water Horse to be specific) and I have these special traits of the Horse sign:

Extremely animated, active and energetic.

Love to be in a crowd

Master of repartee

Love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere.

Warm-hearted, upright and easygoing

Some of my favorite drama quotes : 

To beat good people is violence and to beat bad people is justice.
~ Bad Guys (Korean drama)
Perhaps, Do you like Messi?
~ Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Korean Drama)

My first drama was Playful kiss and I loved it but soon when i watched other dramas I found that playful kiss was no big deal. 

I am slowly moving into the Chinese and Japanese drama sectors but I would like to keep a slow pace.

I am mainly into K-Dramas.

First Korean Drama : Playful Kiss

First Japanese Drama : Good Morning Call

First K-POP song : Baby Don't Cry - EXO

First Anime : Pokemon

First Chinese drama : Master Devil Don't Kiss Me

First Historical Drama : Splash Splash Love

Please feel free to recommend me some K-Dramas, before that please read below .. 

Things I hate to see in Kdrama (no offense though) :tumblr_static_2f8djzhfq39c0cosg8gs0wkow_

1. Noona Relationships ( I am okay with it as long as they don't stress on it )

2. Student-teacher Relationships ( That is exact reason why I stopped watching doctors, but the plot of doctors is the best )

3. Weak Female leads ( Though playful kiss is my first drama, I didn't like it was because of the weak character )

4. I-think-I-Am-Beautiful female leads ( Thank god I haven't come across any, not mentioning the second female leads )

5. Bossy male leads who never change. ( Playful Kiss again )

6. The leads making up so quickly. I mean is that even possible? ( W is where I really cannot avoid being annoyed by the love blossoming in them so quickly )

7. The female lead approaching first! ( Playful kiss again )

8. Amnesia ( For god's sake what is problem?? If boys over flower weren't enough I am seeing them almost everywhere ) 


I get annoyed by all of them!!!

I Fangirl : BTS (forever and they are the best)


Exo, Got7, BtoB, Infinte, Big Bang, and I keep entering new fandoms. But these boy groups top my list and will have the same position forever. BTW I that's the order in which I like them!!

My favorite OTPs :

Weightlifting Fairy


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