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TOP 10 Medium Priority SK Dramas
13 0

This is just a simple way for me to get myself around my PTW list.As medium priority, they are selected different reasons.

Top 10 High Priority JP Dramas To Watch
6 0

My PTW list is immense, so I decided to do some list to help me keep myself in check.These are the top 10 Japanese Dramas that I select as high…

Highest Low
1 0

The are ones I'm considering watching in any moment, even though they have low priority.

Top 10 High Priority TW Dramas To Watch
2 0

Just getting myself more organized

Top 10 High Priority SK Dramas
6 0

Organized by priority to watch

The good, the bad and the guilty pleasure
15 0

Future film releases I'm prone to see.I have another version at Letterboxd

About books, textbooks,notebooks and entertainment
3 0

A collection of ready for school dramas and movies.I do accept recommendations.

Favorite Actresses
6 0

This is my top 10 list of favorite actresses in the exact order.

Favorite Actors
10 0

This is my list of 10 of favorite actors in the exact order.

Best Worst Movies (aka Guilty Pleasures)
8 0

Those are the best worst Asian movies I've ever watched, meaning, they're not a good movie or anything, but I grew fond of them for…

Horror Movies (watched)
21 0

Horror and/or Thriller movies from the Asian Entertainment I've watched so far. They're in order of rating (from best to worst) according to…

Supernatural plots with a twist
3 0

As recommended in the following article: http://mydramalist.com/article/2017/07/04/supernatural-dramas-films-with-a-twist More recs are appreciated

Favorite Dramas
10 0

My personal opinion on TOP 10 favorites dramas. Dramas that for me are unforgettable, no matter the rating I gave them.

Best Short Dramas List
3 0

Dramas that have episodes with up to 15min and yet manage to be really good.

Hwaseong Serial Murders
5 0

Movies and dramas inspired on the serial murders that happened in the small village of Hwaseong. It is, to this day, the most remarkable series…