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The King's Woman
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by Shae
9 days ago
Overall 5.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 1.5
I'm not going to lie, I dropped this drama somwhere in the last 10 ep, when I realized I was watching a wash and repeat of the same self-inflicted angst caused by our pouty king.
 If you're a fan of this genre and are immune or enjoy endings that are meant to piss you off, this is the one.
 If you are new to this kinda stuff, don't feel guilty ff through second lead jerk-face's scenes. You'll still get the idea of what's going on Ff bith hs scenes and what I call "The bad people plotting/doing/discussing the bad things'. I swear the second leads story arc despite the head-scratching simple conflict of the OTP, is the weakest and somewhat unnecessary part of the show.
I found it evtertaing until a certain point, then I just wanted to know how it ended, which as you either know or will find , a lot of stuff is given in the open/ending credits.
I wouldn't watch it again and would only recommend to the male lead's an without reservations. He did look good in this.
Other than this, I wouldn't recommend this drama to those new to historical Chinese shows, under any circumstance. 

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Criminal Minds
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by Shae
9 days ago
Overall 6.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 3.5
It's an okay drama. Something to watch to pass the time, like finding one of those random shows on Netflix, because you have a coupla hours to spare. Draws you in the first handful of episodes then, drops you in a mildly entertaining barrel of suck...and you'll still watch.
Would recommend for those in between dramas or want to take a break from the regular fare.
I would not recommend to those new to kdramas.
Not worth rewatching, unless you want to see our elf prince in regular clothes. Great ensemble cast. Just wish those who were meant to be badass actually got to show more than once.

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