I have been watching dramas for around nine to ten years now. I cannot actually believe that it has been so long since I last watched those certain dramas from my childhood. That's why I want to re-watch most of them now, putting most in my to-watch list. (Although it's going to be difficult since there are a lot of series that I want to watch, too!)
Actually, I first got into dramas through the Taiwanese drama called Lavender. Then, I've watched parts of shows like Marimar, Rosalinda, and the likes, although I felt awkward watching such shows, so I stuck with my anime ones. It wasn't so long when I started watching Japanese shows which I loved because, well, it's from Japan! It has been a dream of mine since I was a child to visit that country despite some not-so-good rumors about it. Anyway, when the rise of K-dramas came, I started watching them, too!
My first Japanese drama is: Gokusen
My first Korean drama is: Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart/Endless Love
My first Taiwanese drama is: Lavender

What I watch are random. I mean, I watch rom-com, melodramas, thriller, psychological, and others. It all depends on my mood. Moreover, I watch Thai movies, too!

Fave Korean Groups: Super Junior, SHINee, F.T.Island, TVXQ, JYJ, EXO, B1A4
Fave Japanese Singers: YUI, Kana Nishino, Tanaka Rie, Maaya Sakamoto, KOTOKO, Ritsuko Okazaki
Too many dramas and movies (and anime and manga and novels), too little time.

Call me Mari.


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  • EtherealFire 6 days ago
    Oh my god, no. The most episodes I've watched in a K-Drama is 25. ; I usually watch one, if I'm lucky, two. If it's anime, probably around four.
    Like..... Engrish? xD They can't really pronounce the words well, I guess. Don't really know how else to explain it.
    The only reason I didn't watch those were because of Playful Kiss! >.> Same plot, just different actors/languages. Secondhand embarrassment is awful. Have you watched those?
    I have fanfics on there but they are in the wronggg category! I was like 11 or something and I didn't understand the genre.... wait no, story titles. Especially since I hadn't read any of the books, so I just put them anywhere. Play format, bad grammar, disney. What was I thinking.........
    I never go out anyway lol
    Thanks, I know I'm cool~ *dramatic hair flip*
    She won't get it to me eitherrrr ;c
    It's ghetto. LOL, actually idk, but ghetto.... that is all.
  • EtherealFire 6 days ago
    I knowww, but 28 seems like a lot to me. Especially because I won't have much time until school's over. And I sound like a noob, but what's sageuk? xD
    If someone has a really deep accent I am going to laugh and then feel really bad........
    That's so far!
    I was about 12 because I think I start at the end of 2012. My first drama was Playful Kiss >.> I didn't finish it. Oh Ha Ni gave me secondhand embarrassment entirely too much.
    Where do you write your fanfiction? Fanfiction.net or Wattpad?

    You guys go past 100, right? The weather here is going from the 60s-80s right now -.- I despise hot weather. I'm attached to my hoodie and I don't wanna take it offff. I feel nude when it's off, it's weird. xD
    My dad keeps saying he'll give me an allowance but he hasn't done so in, like, two years! Always making up excuses, arghhhh. & PA stands for Pennsylvania, which is my state.
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  • EtherealFire 8 days ago
    Yes. I don't think I've watched a drama with that many episodes before.
    Because I won't be able to understand anything! D: I feel like language dictionaries and whatnot would still be of no help to me.
    Hm, what country do you live in?
    Yup, I'm 13 right now. 14 in Oct. though.
    Fanfictions embarrass meee >////< I write them sometimes (actually my friend and I are planning on writing an exo fanfic this Summer).

    It doesn't even feel like Spring. It feels like Summer. It's making me upset because why am I stuck in PA when I can go to Japan or Korea, etc. But I'm brokeeeee ugh i h9 my life.
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  • EtherealFire 11 days ago
    No, but I'll add it to my list! Maybe I'll watch it next.
    There's so many episodes.....
    I really wanna be an exchange student in another country, but there will be no end to my confusion.
    You too?! Omg #twining xD I've been writing since 3rd grade. I was so happy to start creative writing in school.
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  • EtherealFire 12 days ago
    It was perfecttt! One of my favorites. I finally started City Hunter. I've been hesitating because I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not.
    Four months?! We only get two and a half >.> Well, maybe it's different in college, I don't knowwww.
    So you're 18-19? I'm so young xD In September, I start 8th grade. I can't wait until high school. I wanna go to a creative writing + performing arts school and have have writing as my major. What's your major?
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  • EtherealFire 13 days ago
    You're welcome! I'm not on as much anymore. I've complete like..... two drama since school started.... or was it more? But I think two: Queen In Hyeon's Man & My Love From The Star
    What grade are you in?
    I'm doing good, you?
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  • EtherealFire Feb 9, 2014
    Happy belated birthday!
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  • EtherealFire Jan 23, 2014
    It's alright.
    Yesss, I finished it around two ago! I've been reading short 1-8 chapter manga and Akagami no Shirayukihime.
    Is there a mangaka that you really don't like? Please explain to me why there's a manga about this girl having sex for her first time and it's in school and this asshole records it, blackmailing her, saying she has to fail her exams or he'll play the tape for the entire school to hear? Ahh, high schoolers these days. >.>
    Mind if I ask what grade you're in? Or did you graduate already?
  • EtherealFire Jan 15, 2014
    I started Strobe Edge..... Well, I'm halfway done. It's not as bad as I thought.... All I needed to do was get pass the first chapter. xD
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  • EtherealFire Jan 4, 2014
    Porn as in porn..... Both come up on my dash but it's mainly actual porn that does...

    But- Jellal and Erza! GRAY IS MINE C: I will get my ax.
    My friend hasn't never even watched an episode but she said Gray is hers because he has stripping problems. w h a t. w h a t. w h A T.
    Did you finish Fairy Tail? I finished 175 a few days ago. Screw the worldddddddddddd.

    Oh, you didn't know? Sanada Ryu from Kimi ni Todoke. http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/characters/14/81163.jpg

    I've watched that with a few other people. It's been around 7+ months since I've done so, so I don't really remember it.
    You should watch Supernatural! Kevin, Dean, and Cas are mine! <3

    Well I started mid-2012. I was.... beyond obsessed and finished probably more than 20 manga in the Summer. It'd usually take me 1-3 days since I never did anything else.

    I started watching Asian dramas...... late 2013?

  • EtherealFire Jan 4, 2014
    W-Wait.... that's Kou? I'm smart. I think that's what I thought at first but idkkkkk.

    can i just have a real life usui takumi like pls das all i wnt

    Yes! I'm pretty sure that's all he does. He practically tried to have sex with her in the classroom before while the kids were at lunch or something. I think.... so he made out with her on something there. I don't remember. Not sure I even want to.

    I have over 50 manga in my to-read but I'm refusing to read them. Same with anime ._.
    I keep trying to find a shoujo anime but all I get are ones with 5000030493420 episodes or drawings that don't really suit my tastes. Can you read a manga or watch an anime with a really good plot but reallyyyy crappy drawings?

    I watched that! I never finished it though. I think I have 2 volumes of the anime in my closet. I think I forgot about it at like episode 50 and just never picked it up again.
  • EtherealFire Jan 2, 2014
    I'm planning on reading Liar Game and watching Mirai Nikki. I think I'll read Bloody Monday too.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! Yes, let's enjoy this year!
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  • EtherealFire Jan 2, 2014
    I only dropped it because they never talk. I dropped half the manga I was reading since I wasn't really into it that much at the time. But here I am again! Ahahah

    Driven me to read what?

    It's usually just two or three of the blogs that I follow! Every once in a while they'll post porn and I'm just like, ''dude.... my innocence.''

    MY FRIEND GOT TINY LITTLE FAIRY TAIL TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS. Of course I tried to steal her Gray Fullbuster one! I mean.... BAE! ilovehim! Shhh, don't tell Mamura!

    We are both Ryu.

    I don't really watch TV. Only shows I watch online and on Netflix really. So I can't recommend many but you should watch Merlin and Supernatural. If you're into wolves and stuff than you should watch Teen Wolf.

    SAME WITH ME. I didn't really grow up watching it since I just started last year but when shows are cliche it kind of irritates me so I go to shounen.
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  • EtherealFire Jan 2, 2014

    I won't say I fully read Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, though I kind of did. I just skipped through the last few chapter's pages instead of reading all of it. I really liked the anime though. Can I just say that I want my own Usui Takumi? Pls.

    First we have Kyo (I think that's his name) Ohh, the childhood friend teacher who stalks you day and night who's at your rescue all the time.
    Then we have our main character, Misao! *claps* She's a HUGE crybaby! I don't even know if there's a chapter where she isn't crying! She probably is the reason of rising oceans.

    I've only read Hibi Chouchou from that list. I'm thinking of starting it again.
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  • EtherealFire Dec 30, 2013

    *throws Shishio at you*


    School <
    I stopped all the dramas and anime and watched American/British tv for a while. Merlin is absolutely perfecttttt. I watched it and now I think I know everything about King Arthur when I don't because no.
    Ahahahaah me too!
    When I watch or read shounen I'll get bored and want to watch/read shoujo and when I read shoujo I'll scream because cuteeeeee then when a slow part comes on I'll just be like no bye and go to shounen.... But I only go to shounen like 10% of the time since shoujo is life.

    Do you watch or read any psychological series?

    900 characters is not enough for what I have to say.
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