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Apr 21, 2017
  • Overall 10.0
  • Story 10.0
  • Acting/Cast 10.0
  • Music 10.0
  • Rewatch Value 10.0

OMG I adored the manga. I cried, I laughed, I was constantly moved by the stories. So I knew that I was going to like the dorama; it was impossible that they made a crappy adaptation. Still, I did not expect to loved it!

Story: 10/10

This is a very realistic manga/live action, about obstetricians and midwives and mothers and new-born babies. About the miracle of life and the sadness of death and being an orphan. It is an episodic drama, where we meet mothers-to-be in every episode. Some of them have their HEA with their babies, some of them doesn't, which was very sad. So sad to make the audience cry. All episodes were excellent, but there is one that was special, and that is Episode 5. I cried like a baby. Not only it is about a teenager mom who decides to give her baby in adoption, but it is also about Kounodori-sensei and his story, how he was separated from his first mama in the orphanage. My, the little boy being taken away while shouting his mama's name... just remembering about it makes me cry. Kounodori-sensei tells to a mother in an episode that life as an orphan has it ups and downs, and that episode made me see the downs... poor boys, all alone in the world, having a caretaker for all of them (when all they need is the love of a mother) and then being separated to go to another orphanage again. At least Dr. Kounodori did have 2 wonderful mamas, but still, his past was truly moving. And then, the teenager girl was such a good actress! It was like she was truly having a birth, and it was like she was truly giving up her baby. It was very sad, but at the same time, realistic (in the manga, her story has a HEA)

And the last case, with the little boy Naoto-kun having an extra chromosome (it was Trisomy 16 maybe?). OMG, I loved that little guy, I wanted to go in there and hug him. Poor baby, and his parents did not want him at first. It was sad seeing him, because I am sure in real life the little baby really had this syndrome. One of the other positive things about this drama is that they truly have premature babies, babies with problems, newborn babies, so it made everything more real.

Acting/Cast: 10/10

This is one of the few dramas that I watch for the story instead of the cast. I only knew a couple of the actors. Like Ayano Go, who I dislike. Or used to, because after this dorama, I can't see him as a douche anymore. Because he has the face of a criminal (sorry!) but in this dorama, he was always so calm, and nice, and such a good doctor, and no overacting at all, I ended up liking him. I thought at first that anyone could have played the doctor, why it had to be him? But he was so good I can't complain anymore. His friends, Dr. Shinomiya (Hoshino Gen) who was a blank-face guy at first, but who I liked so much by the end (his story was also kind of pathetic, and very sad) and Yoshida Yo, who looked so much like manga-Komatsu (except that the actress was taller). The 2 young actors, Matsuoka Mayu and Sakaguchi Kentaro, were adorable, although comparing to the other actors, they did overreact a couple of times. But all in all, I loved the cast, and also the guest stars. I mean, all the mothers when they cried looked so real! They were all marvelous, although the teenager mother could be my favorite. And the mother whose baby died because of the no-brain. Her case was also so sad :(

Oguri Shun, who is everywhere, has a role for about half of the drama. His daughter has some scenes in the last episode, and she is so cute! She looks so much like her parents. First it was "oh, the image of Oguri Shun!", but then, "oh, she looks so much like her mother!".

Music: 9/10

The music was nice and sweet, and the ending song was good, but it did not leave a big impact on me, as the musics in dorama I really love do. Some of the music the doctor plays at the piano were good and tender.

Rewatch value: 10/10

I would totally rewatch this! Nice story (never slow, never overdramatic, never "preachy" as some people like to say over doramas), nice cast (main and supportive), what is not to love? I would recommend this to anyone really, even to people who don't watch J-dorama. I wish I could find other one like this: human stories, real stories, with likeable characters and great acting.

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