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May 19, 2017
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WOW the reviews in this site are way too generous.

The first time I've read there was going to be a Kuroshitsuji movie, I was apprehensive. It could be either awesome or entirely wrong. Then I read the plot and I was all "wait, what???" and I knew it; I knew it was going to be a disaster.

Being a huge fan of the manga, I am very strict when it comes to adaptations. The anime was OK, but just OK, in my opinion. Why the need to change so many things? I cannot understand it, the plot and characters are perfect. The first season was... fine, I enjoyed it, but S2... it was a mess. Who the hell were Alois and his butler!? And that end.. **cringes** OMG, total disaster.

So back to the live-action. There are so many things so wrong in this movie, but I have to give credit to some good stuff. I will start to point out the ONLY good point of the movie, and then all the sins the director and staff of the movie made ti this wonderful manga.


- The fights-scenes: True, Sebastian has 2 fights only (and with only 1 knife! instead of several) but the one with Rin was AMAZING. I love to watch tiny Japanese girls kicking asses of several guys (and if they are in a costume, like a MAID costume, even better!) . It was very well done.


- Sebastian: I like Hiro Mizushima, I honestly do. I loved him in HanaKimi, he was perfect as Nanba-sempai (weren't they all perfect in their respective roles in this dorama?). But he is a BIG NO as Sebastian. First of all, his hair. Sebastian with a messy hairstyle? Secondly, his dark skin. Wait, what? Sebastian, who has the palest of skins? Add to that the problem the actor had with this eyes (he looked ridiculous, why did he have to squint his eyes like that?) + the way he spoke (was that supposed to be Sebastian's manner of speaking?) and he looked like he was trying waaaay too hard.

- Setting: it is supposed to take place in a near future, but several actors wearing a Victorian costume? The character who replaces Ciel, Shiori, wears the same clothes and eye-patch that Ciel wears. But instead, she looks kind of misplaced, like she is cosplaying. Why the need to change the period of time if it is going to be Victorian-ish?

- Characters: oh my, the Shiori girl is supposed to be a descendant of the Phantomhive (she is in control of the Funtom company) and her story is almost exactly as Ciel's: her parents were murdered, she was marked with a sign, and when everything seemed like it was done for her, BOOM! Sebastian to the rescue. She disguises herself as a boy, but her nails are long and shiny as a girl's. Tanaka the butler is there (wait, what?), **cough*Mei-Rin*cough* Rin is there (wait, what?), and Undertaker?? Like, uh-huh, is that supposed to be Undertaker? He looked like an otaku dressing up for some event. Totally ridiculous...

- Plot: it was based in the first 3 volumes of the manga: Madame Red (Ciel/Shiori's aunt, with exactly the same story with the father), her... err, butler?, also kind of invincible. And no, it is not Grell (wait, what?) but some experiment she makes in a human guy. Can we say LAME? The awesomeness of that arc was, besides Grell, that it was a reference to Jack the Ripper. Which is missed in the movie.

- No "Yes, my lord": that's right, the popular expression Sebastian uses everytime Ciel commands him something does not exist in the movie (how could it? his "bocchan" is a girl). Instead, he says "as you command" **eyeroll**.

- That end: totally OoC. Like Sebastian would do that. Yeah, right.

If it weren't any cool fight scenes in the movie, it would have been a real torture. Not recommended AT ALL to the fans of the manga.

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