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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
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10 hours ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
If I had to choose my favorite Japanese show I would have to say it is ZSK. I loved it, I love it and I will always love it. Geez, I was loving it before I watch it (due the screen-caps and all I've read about it). My first Sentai. And, at least for a long time, my last Sentai. Because I loved this so much I don't think I will bear read more to watch another one without my favorite cast.

What is so great about this show?

I don't think I have ever watched a show with such a colorful characters. Sure they may be the stereotypical ones -the energetic one, the funny, one, the playboy one, etc- but it worked. And most of them had a story going on, so we get to know them. It is funny because I was reading this forum in tokunation after I finished the episodes, and there was some really heavy discussion about Daigo being "too perfect". I wasn't bothered by it in the least. In fact, to me it made perfect sense, and I will say why.

Because to me, the characters of ZSK were based on "One Piece".

Huh? Some will say. And no, I am not a OP hardcore fan. Yes I like it, but not to the point of seeing resemblance to OP in every corner. Only in ZSK I felt that way, and only regarding the personality of characters. For example:

- Daigo/Luffy: both are "Red" and the leader of the team. Both are very energetic and also very excited about everything (battles, their nakamas, etc). Daigo's outfit, especially the red vest, is very similar to Luffy's vest. Most of the battles are won by Daigo/Luffy.

- Ian/Sanji: both are the "playboy" of the team. Ian is Black; Sanji always wears a black suit. Both of them have part of their bang falling above their left eye.

- Souji/Zoro: both are good at sword. Souji is Green, while Zoro has green hair and mostly green outfit. Both are serious and don't talk much. Souji did not get along with Ian at first; Zoro and Sanji are constantly fighting. Souji lives in a dojo; Zoro grew up in one until he decided to go out to become the best at sword.

- Nossan/Ussop: both have curly black hair. Nossan is known for telling old man's jokes; Ussop is known for lying. Both are the comic relief of their respective series. Nossan is the Blue K.; Ussop wears wrist-bands that have blue on them. But most of the times, Nossan wears pants and shoes of the same color as Ussop's outfit.

- Amy/Nami: even their names sound similar. Both are kind of tomboys girls; Amy is a rich girl while Nami loves money the most. Both of them are the only girl in the team for a long time.

- Uchy/Chopper: both of them are "different" from the others (Uchy because he comes from another time; Chopper because he is a talking-animal). Both are cute and very innocent.

- Yayoi/Robin: both are the last girl to join; both are somewhat nerdy. Yayoi is Violet K.; Robin wears violet clothes.

So that's it. These are my thoughts about the resemblances. Not much, but episode after episode I couldn't help but comparing both of them.

I looooove the actors. I was impressed by Daigo's energy. Man, that actor was the most energetic MC or what! Even when he was dancing it was with all his might. All of them were really good at fighting; Amy knew how to cry, and man, that Saito Syusuke (Ian) is the most handsome Japanese guy or what! All in all, I have to admit that, although I love everyone of them (not only the Kyoryugers, but everyone! From Candelira to the weakest monster) my favorites were Uchy, Ian and Nossan. I love that, although Ian and Daigo and Souji are young boys, they do not look girly, nor too boyish, but men. Which is something that bothers me about the next Sentai show (Resshai something... TOQrangers or similar). The red ranger looks like a girl! And I saw in some videos that he even wears lipstick... I can't imagine Daigo or Ian or Souji putting themselves lipstick... which, all in all, make them manly even though they are super young.

It wasn't complicated, it did not have many twists but it was enjoyable, all 30 minutes of it. Definitely a show for either kids or adults. Or kids AND adults. It wasn't only about the Kyoryugers defeating the bad guys: it was also about Daigo and his father; about Ian looking for revenge (and that last scene with Aigaron was touching or what!); Souji attempting to be a better swordman; Nossan trying to hide from his sister that he was a Kyoryuger. I love that Candelira and Luckiero weren't bad and have their HEA. I love the little tease between Candelira and Nossan. I love the Spirit Rangers.

**Opening and ending sequence**
May be the first time I watched the entire show (all 48 episodes of it) from beginning to end. I LOVE the songs; they are so energetic! Wait, am I repeating the word "energetic" over and over again? That is because the whole show was full of energy! It doesn't have a single dull moment, and the opening and ending sequence may be the most excited of all. I love the little kids, and newly-married couple, and basically, everyone that dance at the end. I've read that some sentai heroes from other shows also appeared dancing at the end; isn't that just too cool?

What at awesome transformation! With a samba dance. It was so funny and so much fun, to watch the 6 Kyoryugers dancing and shout "fire!" to become Kyoryugers. And when it needed to happen, also when Yayoi, and Torin, and the old guys, had to dance as well. I love that the Henshin is included in the little dance at the end.

**Everything that is MECCHA and whatever**
Ok, so I am not really an expert in that area, but it was so much fun the gun + the little pills to transform and fight, and the meccha part (where all parts of a dinosaur join together to become a gigantic robot). Ahh the memories! When I used to watch Power Rangers, the American edition, when I was younger...

I did not want the series to end :( I can't believe 48 episodes went to fast. Luckily I still have 3 more movies, but still :( Super recommended
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1 day ago
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Another oldie, a true classic. I can't say it is my favorite, nor that I understand why it is the most popular J-drama ever, but I enjoyed watching it, and I met good actors that I have never seen before (except for a couple of them).

The guy who played Onizuka was the best. He WAS Onizuka. He looked silly but cool; nice but a bit tough; handsome but naive. I love read more his bickering with Fuyutsuki-sensei; they had a good chemistry (and then I read that they are actually married in real life!). I would have never thought that it would be romantic to get the condom of a virgin guy (condom that he is keeping for years) as a form of love confession. But it was!

In many ways it is similar to Gokusen, like:

- both are naive, virgin teachers that get tough when the situation requires it;
- both are pretty much rejected by their students at first; but eventually they win their hearts thru a series of events;
- both of them have the head-teacher after their positions... meaning, the head-teacher is trying by any means to get this new teacher fired;
- both are very charismatic and very much loved by their friends.

But also, they have their differences:

- Gokusen is more of a familiar-drama; while GTO is more mature. There is a student in underwear, trying to seduce him; there is an attempt of rape and gang-rape (probably); the students in GTO are MUCH MORE angsty. Why, in Gokusen the boys never said "I want to kill Yankumi", while Miyabi and Murai said this several times. Guh, these guys took their "hate" too personal, one of the things I did not like too much in GTO.

- On the other hand, what I liked more in GTO was the way Onizuka won their students over. It was less forced than Yankumi (who, hello, once she worked extra-time to get money for her student who owed a lot of money!). Onizuka was not over-the-top in his actions; he was subtle and once or twice he fooled around, but it was funny and made the situation less dramatic.

Taking aside the education (which is the most important thing for a student, but that is irrelevant in a dorama), GTO was fun to watch. Definitely a must.

Special mention: to the handsome police friend of Onizuka, played by the handsome Fujiki Naohito. He was so young here and so pretty. He is definitely like the wine: the older, the better. His role is not as tiny as I thought: he was a good friend but also a pervert (with that angel face!).

2nd special mention: we have a very young, tiny Oguri Shun. One of the first students to surrender under Onizuka's spell. He was being bullied (the worst kind) and it is funny because once he grows up, he will never again play bullied boys but tough guys. He looked like a 12-years-old boy, although I think he was around 15. But well, all his classmates were 20-years-old playing 16, so I guess that is why.
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Family's Form
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6 days ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
It is heartwarming, it is fresh, it has a lot of heart.

Story: (9/10) This dorama is about family, marriage, friendship, comradeship. It is like every "Romance" J-dorama I see it addresses the reluctance of the MC to get married, and people around them pressure them to get married. I know that Japan has a low rate of marriage/low-birth, but sometimes this kind of stories can get a little preachy. Anyway, like read more in "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko", this is the story of a mature guy, Daisuke, who is pleased to live alone and doesn't want to get married at all. He is completely happy living in his own "castle" (as he likes to call his apartment, who looks gorgeous, btw) and drink his beer. Alone. That changes once his father comes with Kota, Daisuke's new younger brother, and imposes his presence in his "castle". Also, around the same time, Daisuke befriends his neighbor, Hanako.

Daisuke is not as anti-social nor awkward as Kuwano, but he is grumpy. It is not hard to sympathize with him. I would also be grumpy if my precious space was invaded by people. But those people are all kind, with a good heart, although there are also some that can be a bit bothersome (like all-happy-girl Tanaka-san).

Hanako deals with her own problems, her mother also comes and invades her personal space. And her ex-husband wants to get back together. Like many other J-dramas (a thing I absolutely love) is that the ex-husband is a good man, not evil nor bothersome. Same with Daisuke's ex-girlfriend.

All characters that become a friend sort of, thanks to Daisuke's dad, was likeable. Specially Sasaki-san (I adore this chubby actor, he is so funny!). This dorama is mostly about that, how Daisuke's dad comes back to his son's life and changes everyone that is around Daisuke.

For people looking for a romance: I wouldn't call this a romance, I prefer to call it a deep bond, a true friendship, a camaraderie.

Cast: (8/10) Ueno Juri was excellent, I was moved by her tears. Not a moment I thought "oh, this is Nodame". Too bad her hair was so awful, but she is so pretty I could ignore it sometimes. Same with Shingo. I didn't see Shingo, but Daisuke. They were both excellent. And of course, Sasaki-san was also terrific. Many people praise Daisuke's dad but I am not a fan of this actor. I think he has many mannerisms that annoyed me. He is always saying: "ano sa", "ano ne". Mizuhara Kiko was terrible as Tanaka'san, she pouts so much it is annoying. Kota, the younger brother, was pitiful, but I dislike when pitiful characters don't talk and go there with their head down. On the good side, I think that he looked like a Japanese Harry Potter. And also a bit like Yuriko Yoshitaka.

We have 4 mini-reunions in this show: Ouran High School Host Club (Haruhi and Honeysempai, and coincidence! he was called "Haru"); Tiger and Dragon (Shishou and Jumptei Jump); Soredemo, Ikite Yuku (mother of the killer, brother of the killed one), and Shingo and Arisa.

{Edit: there is a guy who played the personal trainer of Hanako at the gym. For days I was "who was that guy?". He isn't in any of the cast lists. Then I remembered. He was one of the butlers of Mei-chan no Shitsuji.}

Music: (9/10) I love the music "Unpredictable Story", bye Ellie. There are 2 versions, one slow and one faster. I think I prefer the slow one but even so,both are beautiful. Currently in my playlist.

Rewatch value: (9/10) this is one of those dramas that can be recommended to anyone. I don't think there would be a person, male or female, who wouldn't like this. It is easy to watch, it is charming, it is not slow, it is real.
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My SO Has Got Depression
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6 days ago
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
The movie is about depression, but it is not a depressing movie at all. In fact, it is rather cute, with all the little drawings (Haruko is a mangaka, and her drawings are so nice). Her diary, about her husband depression, was adorable. But it is not only the drawings, but the support Mikio gets from his wife and his in-laws that was nice. It is not easy to have someone depressed read more in your home, but Haruko tried her best to support her husband.

I learned a couple of things about depression, so this movie is not only heart-warming but also informative. And touching, in a couple of scenes. The filmography was great, their little home was cozy and outside, with the Sakura trees, was so nice.

Masato Sakai has such a dorky face, so this suit him perfectly. The movie does not have a beginning nor an ending, which is something that I have found mostly in J-doramas and movies. Which I like, because not everything has to have a beginning and/or an end. Also, although it is a 2-hour movie long, it is never dragging nor slow.

Japan is one of the country with the highest amount of suicides. I've read that it is mostly because of work, which is the main reason why Mikio is depressed. The routine, his work-environment, having to take the train everyday, all squeeze like sardines are enough motives. At least he has his pretty, supportive wife, who is there for him "in health and sickness".

I wonder if this was based on real life...
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6 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
OMG I adored the manga. I cried, I laughed, I was constantly moved by the stories. So I knew that I was going to like the dorama; it was impossible that they made a crappy adaptation. Still, I did not expect to loved it!

Story: 10/10

This is a very realistic manga/live action, about obstetricians and midwives and mothers and new-born babies. About the miracle of life and the sadness of death read more and being an orphan. It is an episodic drama, where we meet mothers-to-be in every episode. Some of them have their HEA with their babies, some of them doesn't, which was very sad. So sad to make the audience cry. All episodes were excellent, but there is one that was special, and that is Episode 5. I cried like a baby. Not only it is about a teenager mom who decides to give her baby in adoption, but it is also about Kounodori-sensei and his story, how he was separated from his first mama in the orphanage. My, the little boy being taken away while shouting his mama's name... just remembering about it makes me cry. Kounodori-sensei tells to a mother in an episode that life as an orphan has it ups and downs, and that episode made me see the downs... poor boys, all alone in the world, having a caretaker for all of them (when all they need is the love of a mother) and then being separated to go to another orphanage again. At least Dr. Kounodori did have 2 wonderful mamas, but still, his past was truly moving. And then, the teenager girl was such a good actress! It was like she was truly having a birth, and it was like she was truly giving up her baby. It was very sad, but at the same time, realistic (in the manga, her story has a HEA)

And the last case, with the little boy Naoto-kun having an extra chromosome (it was Trisomy 16 maybe?). OMG, I loved that little guy, I wanted to go in there and hug him. Poor baby, and his parents did not want him at first. It was sad seeing him, because I am sure in real life the little baby really had this syndrome. One of the other positive things about this drama is that they truly have premature babies, babies with problems, newborn babies, so it made everything more real.

Acting/Cast: 10/10

This is one of the few dramas that I watch for the story instead of the cast. I only knew a couple of the actors. Like Ayano Go, who I dislike. Or used to, because after this dorama, I can't see him as a douche anymore. Because he has the face of a criminal (sorry!) but in this dorama, he was always so calm, and nice, and such a good doctor, and no overacting at all, I ended up liking him. I thought at first that anyone could have played the doctor, why it had to be him? But he was so good I can't complain anymore. His friends, Dr. Shinomiya (Hoshino Gen) who was a blank-face guy at first, but who I liked so much by the end (his story was also kind of pathetic, and very sad) and Yoshida Yo, who looked so much like manga-Komatsu (except that the actress was taller). The 2 young actors, Matsuoka Mayu and Sakaguchi Kentaro, were adorable, although comparing to the other actors, they did overreact a couple of times. But all in all, I loved the cast, and also the guest stars. I mean, all the mothers when they cried looked so real! They were all marvelous, although the teenager mother could be my favorite. And the mother whose baby died because of the no-brain. Her case was also so sad :(

Oguri Shun, who is everywhere, has a role for about half of the drama. His daughter has some scenes in the last episode, and she is so cute! She looks so much like her parents. First it was "oh, the image of Oguri Shun!", but then, "oh, she looks so much like her mother!".

Music: 9/10

The music was nice and sweet, and the ending song was good, but it did not leave a big impact on me, as the musics in dorama I really love do. Some of the music the doctor plays at the piano were good and tender.

Rewatch value: 10/10

I would totally rewatch this! Nice story (never slow, never overdramatic, never "preachy" as some people like to say over doramas), nice cast (main and supportive), what is not to love? I would recommend this to anyone really, even to people who don't watch J-dorama. I wish I could find other one like this: human stories, real stories, with likeable characters and great acting.
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Juhan Shuttai!
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6 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
What a lovely dorama! The plot was super interesting, I love all the characters, the setting was so mabushii, so bright and colorful and clean.

The story is a very engaging one: the world of mangas and mangaka. To be more precise, the world of editors. They also have to struggle, not only the mangaka do. They need to take care of the mangaka, give them advice, move here to there. There read more are also moments of tears and frustration. Editors need to walk along the mangakas, they need to be there for them all the time and built a trust, which is fundamental.

Since I am a big fan of BAKUMAN, it was impossible not to link them both. One is from the Mangaka's POV, the other one is from the Editorial's POV. I looked everywhere to read the manga Juhan Shuttai, but unfortunately is not translated :( It really is a heart-warming story, and the art is so cute, especially chibi Kokoro, who looks a lot like dear Sawako from "Kimi ni Todoke".

The cast was marvelous. I was familiar with most of the secondary characters only; more specifically, the mangakas (Mikurayama-sensei, Takahata-sensei...). And of course, Namase Katsuhisa-san. But this is the first time I see Kuroki Haru (Kokoro) and although I've seen some photos of him, this is my first time watching Odagiri Joe (Iokibe-san). I am not sure which one of these 2 were my favorites! Kokoro was the typical bright, positive girl, but she was far from annoying and stupid. Her motto was "Gambaremassu" and she motivated a couple of characters, like emo mangaka-to-be Nakata-kun, and poor, nice Koizumi-kun, whose professional life was a bit depressing at first, but once he was motivated, everything changes for him for better. It was really touching. Impossible not to like a girl with that kind of enthusiasm! Also my first time seeing Sakaguchi Kentaro, who is a real sweetheart! His smile is so adorable, and he acts really well! Can't believe his filmography is so short; he acts like a pro and ten million times than veterans!

**sighs** Odagiri Joe... I've read some lists before were he was mentioned, like "more kissable lips" or whatever, but have never paid him any attention. My, I was so impressed with this guy. Let's talk first about his role. Iokibe-san is one of the coolest guy I've seen in a dorama. Super nice, real intelligent, a perfect mentor, a humble editor, a nice guy, a kind co-worker, a capable editor. Only once he shouts in the whole dorama, otherwise, he speaks with a calm, soothing voice. No wonder Kokoro admired him so much! If I were her, I would have probably fallen in love with him. Because not only he was the nicest guy and mentor, he also looks real good! Glasses and man-bun, perfect combination! With some facial hair, the cherry on top. Sure, some of his shirts were, errr, colorful, but he looked like a model! I loved him and I am glad Episode 9 was more or less about him.

Clothes were colorful, specially in Kokoro's case. Some of her skirts were a bit old-fashioned, but overall her clothes matched her character: young, happy and bright. Editor Mibu was always wearing T-shirts with food drawings on them (I love this actor, he is so funny!), Yasui-san was always wearing stripped sweaters, Takahata-san always in Adidas outfits, Nakata-san always in dark sweatsuits and Koizumi was always in suit. I love that even the clothes were important to the story, every detail meant something!

The sountrack was lovely, and the ending song was ok. But my favorite thing is that it is an inspirational dorama. If you love something, you give it all, like Kokoro did, and for that, she was rewarded at the end. I laughed many times, but I also cried a couple of times. There wasn't a single episode that was boring or dragging, I loved it from Ep. 1 to 10, and I wish it was longer! Nevertheless, it has a perfect ending, because it wasn't really an ending.. more like a beginning :D

I recommend this dorama a hundred times Top quality, top cast, excellent story, I loved it!
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