I have been watching dramas for ages.  Which means I have seen hundreds.  I started with Jdramas and still watch those the most, eventually started adding Kdramas too, more recently have been trying out more Cdramas and TW dramas, and hope to eventually find interesting stuff from other Asian countries as well.  I love giving and getting recommendations!

MY WATCH LIST: Only my completed Kdramas are currently included on my list.  They may or may not be up to date.  None of the dramas from other countries are listed at this time.  None of my dropped dramas are listed.  I do, however, have a favorites list and other lists with some of them included.

MY LISTS:  They are my personal opinions.  They are not exhaustive.  They often take broad interpretations. They may contain spoilers.

MY RATINGS: On my personal list of dramas that I have kept for years I rate on a scale of five. Here are the corresponding ratings I give here:






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