Introducing me: My name is Natália, but you can call me Nat and I'm from Brazil. I watch dramas since 2013 and I love kdramas - they are my favorite!

                                                              2017 DRAMA CHALLENGE


         tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o8_250.gif  tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o3_250.gif  tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o6_250.gif

                                          Just my husband being cute and perfect as always! 

      Okay, let's talk about the challenge... I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete this but I'll try. Hwaiting!

                                Korean (27/45) | Japanese (/10) | Chinese (/5) | Taiwanese (/2)

      If I succeed I'll be like...


                 But this is me looking for time to feed my addiction:




   Some more things about me... My first drama was Boys Over Flowers. I was able to bring my mother, my aunt and my friend to the dramaland, yay. I'm a little introverted and I'm not good with words although I really enjoy talking. I love making lists and I'm a bit strange but nice. And last but not least...


                                                           MY MOTTO OF LIFE! /just kidding... or not/ Okay, bye!~

                                                          tumblrfilmowtvshowma babe

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