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  • gaga Mar 1, 2014
    i don't think that people who are deciding something to watch go and check the episode reviews since they always have bunch of spoilers, so i don't think you spoiled anyone's mood for watching by writing that. those who read the ep reviews are the ones who are already watching the series and they would either agree with you or not. and i totally agree with you, haha :P
    and no, i haven't finished it yet, i have 3-4 episodes left. ughhh.... i just, don't know... i'll finish it some day soon. this just the drama that i can't watch bunch of episodes at once, it's just too annoying >_>
  • gaga Feb 24, 2014
    hello :)
    i started wastching cheongdamdong alice last week and i just read your review of episode 12 - i love it! everything you said it's so true! i am having such a hard time finishing this drama because of all of that you wrote.
    thats all, im sorry to bother you, no need to reply or anything, i just wanted to let you know how much i feel the things you wrote, hahaha :P
  • Kachiiing Jan 21, 2014
    lol...your blacklisted actresses. Opinion on Suzy Bae that bad? Everyone was wittering on about how gr8 she is, in Gu Family Book, much better than previous dramas. I didn't stick around long enough for her (lol) but true opinion? Please?

    Also no blacklisted actors? A bit one-sided, I think. Becoz there's plenty out there.

    PS: You're missing out with Kim Sun Ah. "Scent of a Woman" was great. But hey. Just me then!
  • RainieDee Jan 18, 2014
    Buna ^_^ Cu placere.Sa ai de asemenea un weekend placut.
  • edinaa Jan 10, 2014
    Timpul e foarte pretios. Am avut perioade cum ai tu acum cand nu aveam timp de nimic dar acum sunt o idee mai libera.

    Ce planuri ai pt weekend?
  • edinaa Jan 7, 2014
    In ultima vreme am vazut mai multe seriale dar cele care mi-au placut ffff mult au fost: I HEAR YOUR VOICE
    Feast of the Gods
    Sword and Flower
    iar acum imi place Prime Minister and i, cruel city, the daughter of the emperor, empress ki si golden rainbow. Urmeaza sa ma uit la Dream, first kiss jdrama si beethoven virus.
    White Christmas? nu l-am vazut. si nu am vazut nici Long Love Letter.

    Nici acasa nu ai timp?
  • edinaa Jan 5, 2014
    Nu am facut mare lucru. Munca, munca si iar munca. Am reluat de curand vizionarile iar acum in vacanta am vazut mai multe episoade din seriale. Am mai fost la cinema. Si cam atat.

    De sarbatori am stat acasa, m-am odihnit.

    Cand reiei lucrul? eu de maine. Si cu serialele stai prost nu? nici de sarbatori nu ai vazut nimic?
  • edinaa Jan 5, 2014
    Ti-e greu sa faci naveta? stiu cum e. Si eu fac naveta la 70 km de Brasov. Faci in fiecare zi naveta? sau stai acolo?

    La multi ani! Un an nou cat mai bun si mai mult timp liber.
  • Deea98 Jan 4, 2014
    Mersi :*
    Un an nou fericit si tie !!!
  • dramaqueen4life Dec 31, 2013
    A very Happy New Year to you chingu..:)
    May your days be filled with smiles and laughter this year
  • edinaa Dec 30, 2013
  • edinaa Dec 27, 2013
    Iti doresc sarbatori fericite si un an nou plin de impliniri si multa sanatate.
    Si eu la fel. Acasa cu ai mei.
    Faci naveta departe?

    cu serialele cum stai?
  • Deea98 Dec 26, 2013
    Mersi :*
  • Deea98 Dec 24, 2013
    Craciun fericit >:D<
  • edinaa Dec 20, 2013
    Buna! Te cred. Mult de lucru, nu? Acum ai vacanta nu? pana cand? faci naveta sau?
    Sunt bine. Am avut de lucru enorm de mult. Pana si luni lucram ca sa putem finaliza si in rest bine. Ce planuri ai de sarbatori?


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