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  • TheTranquilKnight Jan 5, 2014
    Hi! I liked your review of Fashion King. You pointed toward fashion world instead of crying about ending. I want to ask is it really worth to watch? How is the pace? Over-dramatic?
  • Sandrose Dec 31, 2013
    Hello Clearlywatching. May I just wish you a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year? In dramaland, I hope you will continue to "watch clearly" and find many new fun dramas to enjoy as well :)

    Ps: I used to be known as Bladey. Sorry if it's confusing... I'm a little fickle with my username.
  • yannadi38 Aug 1, 2013
    Since when did you start watching K/Jdramas? :L
  • yannadi38 Aug 1, 2013
    :) I also have the channel KBSworld,do you have it too?
  • yannadi38 Aug 1, 2013
    Hello :D !!!
  • Sandrose Apr 16, 2013
    happy watching! Let's hope it's as good as their previous dramas.
  • Sandrose Apr 15, 2013
    LOL! Yeah, I was a bit wary of it too but that's what you get for pretending to be someone you're not. As for ending, this time around I assumed the writer's ending would have actually been the rooftop scene, which was sufficiently dramatic to suggest he died there. But from that point on everything was ambivalent: the talk of flowers for Oh Soo (which Oh Soo?), the ending scene (not seeing his face until she saw it, all the dreaminess) especially given that we had two Oh Soos in the drama from day 1. So kind of an open ending. I'll be checking out the Gu stuff later on. Incarnation of Money is ending this week it's from Salaryman writers they're pretty solid. so has priority for me in the meantime.
  • Sandrose Apr 15, 2013
    Hi! Yeah, hopeless addict here. But it;s still nothing. I"ve seen some complete over 200. How's The windy drama going? Not disappointed with it yet?
  • Sandrose Mar 20, 2013
    Hey thanks for your message. Will check out FBND, though I'm not sure it will be my thing if it's anything like FBRS. I thought for FBRS there was an overload of cute and I remember being a little discouraged from watching it, so i am a bit fearful of reaching for FBND. But then again I dropped it perhaps a moment too soon, so I don't have a clear or full idea of what it was like. I'll give them both a try soon. I really liked SUFBB in this Oh Boy series though, it was a good friendship and coming of age story and the dynamics in the group were quite nice. I am curious how you will like Legal High, I hope to read your comments on that.
  • tiitek Feb 28, 2013
    Really Iris 2 is that bad? I never seen the first season so I cannot compare them.
    Winter and the wind blows is more melo then the revenge story - sadly :D revenge would be perfect but as the story goes there could be so revenge concept - well I'm loving this drama since the beginning!
    No wonder you liked Innocent Man - drama is awesome!!! I watched it while it was airing and I couldn't breath properly cause of anticipation! >.< ^.^
  • tiitek Feb 15, 2013
    Hmmm really no comedy vibe in Story of a man? Too bad, I loved Salaryman mostly cause of comedian scenes... ofc plot was also amazing! I just started That Winter, The Wind Blows - OMG O.O so freaking awesome start! Did you know it?
  • tiitek Feb 14, 2013
    Hi, just read your review on Salaryman ^.^ I'm finishing this drama and I think it's so awesome! Do you know any more like that?
    1 ❤
  • Miya242013 Feb 7, 2013
    i kno i want him to win to. it but it never happens in the dramas :(
  • Miya242013 Feb 6, 2013
    I know its weird. idk who to root for.
  • Miya242013 Feb 6, 2013
    hay back. and dont you just love it. you cant get it sub on and


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