Hi!  I'm happy you've stumbled onto my profile :)

I'm just your average girl that's in her early 20s that loves to watch Asian dramas every now and then.  

When I was younger I watched Asian dramas all the time, but now I only have the time to watch them every once in awhile :/

Drama preferences:

Currently obsessed with Thai dramas.

I prefer Jdramas over Kdramas.  I used to only watch Kdramas but that all changed once I watched Last Cinderalla.  Now I watch mostly Jdramas.  I absolutely love Jdrama's from the 90's.  I'm not sure what makes me like them so much but I can't get enough of them.  

I love Kdramas that are aired on OCN.  I'll happily watch almost any drama that has aired on that channel since they tend to be crime and action dramas.  

When it comes to genres I like crime, mystery, thriller, and psychological the most.  I do enjoy a good romance every now and then.  I  also have a weird love for tragedy dramas and movies. The more I cry the better.      

Rating system:

10 - 9:  Amazing.  I only give ratings within this range if I really enjoyed it a lot.  

8.5 - 7.5:  Good but not great.

7 - 6: Mediocre.  Most of the stuff I give ratings in this range is stuff that I didn't really like, but I might've enjoyed the first half or I thought that the overall theme was good, I just think it was executed badly.  

5.5 - 3.5: Bad


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  • Times (Days) 22.9
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Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 5.7
  • Completed74
  • Plan to watch102
  • Total Entries176
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