Where to begin? Let's start with my love for Asian dramas and music, which began when                 I was a weee little human being, thanks to a mother with a bad habit of forgetting to turn the TV off,        who would coincidentally (or not) always leave on the Asian channels. As this young grasshopper              navigates her way through life and the vast world of possibilities and options, my tastes eventually            shifted towards anime and English language shows/ent for a good chunk of 25 years of being alive.               One thing remained constant however (and probably always will), and that is my love for historicals,            eventually bringing me back to the wonderful world of Asian dramas. This time for good. 


     Though I'm generally open to any genre, I'm a real sucker for historicals/time-travel/crime/slice-of-life/melodrama. Personal favorites of mine span across various genres and artists however, for both music and shows. And with every opportunity, I certainly always express my love for two of my ultimate biases T.O.P and Jay Chou who have more talent in their pinky finger alone than all of me and my achievements combined. 


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 Thanks for popping by, here's a picture of quite possibly my most favorite human being ever looking like a bamf: 



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