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Mar 1, 2017
  • Overall 10.0
  • Story 10.0
  • Acting/Cast 10.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0

Probably the first time a drama of this length has me thoroughly enthusiastic from beginning to end. More rare is the case of a drama adaptation not only breathing life to its book, but surpasses the original work in every aspect. The challenge is to stop oneself from the binge to see how this karmic game of fate, love, misunderstanding and tragedy takes three 'lifetimes' to resolve. Even if fantasy is not one's cup of tea, the love/romance here is one everyone can enjoy

*Story (10/10)
This drama has done a wondrous job keeping faithful to the original story while incorporating parts of its spinoff "The Pillow Book" about the secondary lead pairing.The Chinese title of this drama is "Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" and like its name suggests, tells the story of Ye Hua and Bai Qian - gods who are separated yet bounded by fate to find each other in their lives again throughout the course of three arcs, for a memorable journey of emotional highs and lows balanced with good action and drama. Though there are 58 episodes, it is filled with plots to leave one consistently guessing what the next development is from beginning to end.
Just as one score settles, another rises.

Characters are fleshed out and although the main couple gets the bulk of the focus, secondary characters and their relationships are not cheated out of a good storyline either.

*Acting/Cast: (9/10)
Yang Mi's Bai Qian may be the protagonist, but Mark Chao is the highlight. To express so much with so little is what Mark does wonderfully, and his ability to portray two similar characters (Ye Hua & Mo Yuan) so differently with their set of own characteristics, mannerisms and reactions is impressive. As for Yang Mi overall she did well portraying the different personalities of her characters - from playful,mischievous Si Yin to naive and innocent Su Su and finally the aloof with an attitude Bai Qian - by far her best performance. Together these two produce the chemistry to keep audiences thrilled and satisfied. Overall the cast is well put together with several other memorable faces (Zhang Bin Bin, Dilraba etc) making the drama that much more enjoyable

*Last thoughts?
- All the sets, props, scenery and people are simply eye-catching, which keeps one visually interested all the way through.
- Aside from the visual fest and story, Mark Chao is another reason to rewatch

It's been a while since I enjoyed a romance-fantasy genre this much, this will be going straight into my archive of favorites. No doubt one of the best Chinese dramas have to offer

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    Vivian May 21, 2017 - edited

    The drama obviously tried to make the male lead look good and become the center of the story. Mark was wonderful but let not ignore the production did everything to hide YH's flaws and make him a better character, even by making the female lead look bad. YM did well fine for what she was given and required. If one read the book and script, you can see how much character was cut out scarified for the male lead to shine. Put it this way, the drama is YH's POV while the novel is BQ's POV

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    rumtumcat Mar 16, 2017

    now im suffering withdrawal symptoms. gosh Mark is hot! stalker mood' he is married with gao yuan yuan

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    Jeana Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    Wym tho cause she isn't underwhelming at all bruh. She is literally and figuratively the queen of the show. :")

    • Reply
      moondust Mar 15, 2017 - edited

      underwhelming def isn't best word choice to describe how I find Mark more impressive than her....m'bad. By no means is she disappointing she still kicked ass here. Updated my review !

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    ice-princess Mar 1, 2017

    am on episode 35 cant wait for episode 36

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    Dounie Mar 1, 2017 - edited

    I only watched the first ep but wasn't sure if it would be to my liking but your review convinced me chingu, thanks for this wonderfully detailed review <3
    And I just can't miss this drama there's Mark Chao after all and judging from your review he did absolutely great in Eternal Love, so delighted reading that :).

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      moondust Mar 1, 2017 - edited

      Hello dearest chingu :D it definitely isn't a drama for everyone if fantasy, historical mythology isn't your thing. But the story is beautiful - something even those not into fantasy can enjoy, and it gets better. I started with zero expectations heading this, and was gonna drop if I didn't like this but each episode surprisingly kept me going. A few episodes in, and I was along for the ride (though not addicted but it didn't take long to get there)!

      Hehe Mark Chao stole everyone and their moms' hearts in this with his acting. He got so much flack prior to airing of this drama, because his character in the novel is supposed to be out of this world handsome and badass as it gets - being a Prince of the Heavens/Gods and all. And people deemed him not attractive enough (people were even calling him ugly). But he simply made people eat their words and feel bad for being such judgmental superficial assholes, proving that good acting is what makes the character and the show. Many compared him to Yang Yang who will be his character (in movie version), but now Yang Yang is the one with big shoes to fill.

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      Dounie Mar 1, 2017 - edited

      Historical mixed with fantasy isn't my thing in general but there are some exceptions of course so I'm definitely gonna give this drama a second chance ^^ I'm so happy reading that chingu and it makes me even more curious about the drama now :D

      Aaaaw that's so lovely to hear, he truly is a wonderful actor so no wonder people fell in love with his acting and character in this drama (he looks so great with long hair btw) <3. I didn't know people were a bit reluctant when they heard he would be the main character, and honestly I disagree I find him so handsome (probably because of the "Black & White" effect?!), oh ugly? seriously? Then I should question myself and my taste.
      I didn't know there would be a movie version, but well Mark Chao in my Opinion is way better than Yang Yang.

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      moondust Mar 1, 2017 - edited

      Yup xianxia - that's what it is!

      People are so unnecessarily harsh, even though at first glance he isn't a knockout but to call him ugly is unfair. (I don't like the term "ugly" being used on anyone in general) but by no means is he unattractive! It's his acting and way he portrays his characters that make him so attractive, and his looks is the type that grows on you. Given the right look, he can look handsome. (I thought he was sexy af as his other character Mo Yuan. Think: hot young college professor but in xianxia setting XD )
      Now viewers are even using an odd term to describe his acting: "cosmetic procedure acting" to describe actors who are not visually appealing (for their characters), but their acting transforms them to appear super attractive to viewers. Lol these Chinese audiences.

      Poor Mark I remember in one BTS segment where the cast briefly introduces themselves and Mark says "I know I'm not handsome, but I hope you all will like my portrayal of this character". And here I'm thinking welp he's having the last laugh now.

      I much prefer someone like Mark who may not have great visuals, but wins you over with his acting rather than looking good (Yang Yang). Yang Yang might be pretty but that's all there is/nothing more, and personally no amount of pretty can make up for the lack of acting which is frustrating to watch.

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      Myauntmary Mar 10, 2017 - edited

      He isn't a knock out? He is! Totally my style. His eyes can eat you

    • Reply
      moondust Mar 10, 2017

      Hell yea I think people are nuts. He is totally my type too.


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