I'm currently addicted to: The Walking Dead  (TWD S5 palli juseyo!)

Today 's avi: Miss him. 



What I look for in a drama/movie:

1. distinctive story

2. character development/justification of roles

3. I love music. So OSTs play a big part.

4. It doesn't matter if the story ain't unique, as long as it is executed exceptionally, no big deal.

5. unpredictable twists 

6. must make my body and soul cry

7. must make my body and soul LOL

8. creative setting

9. bromance

10. ending. If it didn't go my way of how I thought the ending must be, the rate will deduce. 

FACTS/Reality Check
I Hear Your Voice : dropped. reason: I don't find it awesome. It's full of cliches, and they are not executed well. It's so ironic that I dropped it and becomes the highest rated drama. WEIRD feeling.

Master's Sun: I don't get ghosts. LOL

Heirs: LMH's acting hasn't improved but he's cute with a cap. PSH's role was dumb. The Americans' acting was like the most overly done acting I've seen in the universe, Kristen Stewart still a better actress. lol.  I just have seen episode 1 and won't continue anymore. Another reason is that DH's quality was YUCK. The only one commendable was the very convincing antagonist,Rachel, Kim Tan's future wife. Let's add Kim Woo Bin but not that hair style. This one too, a mute maid with a smartphone. No she's not poor. It's sad to think that it was the first episode yet I have seen so many flaws. KUDOS to Heirs staff and crew. TBH, I enjoyed the cute little fight about some members who liked Heirs and did not like Heirs. Really people, make peace not war. It'a all about giving respect to one's opinion and be open-minded about it.

Medical Top Team: I do love Jung Ryeo Won,the first few eps were soooo good but became VERY boring. Even though they changed the writer, it really didn't appeal to me yet. Maybe I was the problem, coz I was expecting 50% romance in it, but had just seen 10% romance on the first 8 eps. Sorry Ryeo Won-ssi! But you still are a versatile actress for me. Love you! ^^

REWATCHED: COFFEE PRINCE, SECRET GARDEN, Time bw Dogand Wolf, Infernal Affairs

2013 dramas I LOVE: (in order)
1. TEAM TEN Season 2
2. NINE Times Time Travel
3. Cruel City 
4. School 2013
5. Two Weeks

So I dropped The Vampire Diaries then became addicted to this:http://manhattaninfidel.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/The-Walking-Dead-Wallpaper1.jpg

PART 2 coming up!

                                 And guess what? My fave character is still Korean! Glenn!
So that's MUSTACHE. I had to correct it. I just loved this meme.

Bigbang awesomeness!


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  • FullDex 8 hours ago
    Nice! Did you have an awesome break?

    Bride of the Century was good? You recommend it? I've been debating whether to watch it or not. I haven't watched INR either. You'll have to let me know if you watch it!
  • AdeNike 17 hours ago

    How have your drama life been?? :p

    Let's do it this way - drama and movie life here and every other thing including rants and probably dramas at the other place LOL!!!
    1 ❤
  • bomskie 2 days ago
    Ma'am Im sorry for the late reps, I was so busy I guess that comment without my social life has been answered..

    Anyways, I'll try that mini drama 20's, its about idols right? Because I have some kpop love too..I hope it was realistic enough...

    About your trip to cebu..Yay! I hope it will be realized noh?..I don't like big cities, Cebu is big as it is..I'm more of a nature lover, hehe although the nature has to love me yet..But I'd like to do some island hopping.. How about you? How is your summer?

    Yup, I like the anime..but I watched the Wallflower, I kinda liked it, I just thought of it as independent drama..haha..You like Yagami Light? and I thought everyone likes the good guys..

    My sister is a HS,.I like noona dramas so I always tease her about it...Yup, I'm still in college..
  • 4winkay 2 days ago
    ayaw mo kay Yamapi. gwapo nya sobra hahaha. like ko din oguri at shota.

    jdrama proposal daisakusen
  • 4winkay 3 days ago
    jdrama. nood mo gwapo ni Yamapi. hehe. ako din like ko c shota. kmusta bakasyon?
  • 4winkay 3 days ago
    jdrama. nood mo gwapo ni Yamapi. hehe. ako din like ko c shota. kmusta bakasyon?
  • 4winkay 3 days ago
    jdrama. nood mo gwapo ni Yamapi. hehe. ako din like ko c shota. kmusta bakasyon?
  • 4winkay 3 days ago
    jdrama. nood mo gwapo ni Yamapi. hehe. ako din like ko c shota. kmusta bakasyon?
  • PrettyCarEye 3 days ago
    Dongsæng, who knew you were so naughty! Your unnie is very proud!!! hahaha
    1 ❤
  • 4winkay 4 days ago
    MG din haha. syempre nung ninuod ko BOF kilig na kilig ako nun haha. ung HYD ok din namn sya pero bakit ganun d ako convince sa acting ng bidang la2ki di ko mkita sa kanya na labs nya ung bbae. anyway, like ko sya kc short eps lang hehehe tas mas mganda ung ba2e kesa kay Guem Jan Di. :P

    tagal ko nang naidl ung nobuta cge try ko lang crush ko naman c Yamapi eh. sa mga j-actors cno pinaka like mo?

    edit: how about ang Proposal? nood mo na ba?
  • 4winkay 4 days ago
    gusto ko lang ng drama with Matsuda Shota. meron pa akong naka line up Nobuta Wo Produce at Proposal Daikusen. try ko muna to. then dl ako ng Nagareboshi, romance ba to?

    para sayo anong mas like mo BOF, MG o HYD?
  • 4winkay 4 days ago
    like ko HYD. ung mga tipong ganun lang na jdrama hindi masyadong OA. diniel ko Don Quixote at noodin ko din HYD season 2. altho, ung story alam ko na ok lang naenjoy ko naman sya.
  • bomskie 5 days ago
    Yeah, but I have tried drama specials.I will try that, and I will ask you for some recs, can I?

    Yup we have that here, but my family went to visiting the the stations of the Cross. But I wasn't able to join them cause its done so early at sunrise I think.

    Uhm, I have no social life haha its summer, this is my social life. Anyway I'll just get them back as soon as classes starts. It's so tiring to see them everyday, just kidding..most of my friends went to Manila every summer,i wonder why, since I have never been there.

    Yes ma'am I watched the death note, that is why I'm not quite sure if I will the live action. Did you?

    Are you teaching in college?hs?elem? My sister is also a teacher..
  • bomskie 6 days ago
    Mini dramas? like White Christmas? How does it differs from a drama? Sorry for the questions, hehe I'm a newbie here. Although we have Kdramas and telenovelas in countries, the length really turns me off plus the dubbing sometimes are cringe worthy. I've been away from the drama scene for some time.

    By the way, how was your holy week? You're right about the weather. Grabe, nakakapag-init ng ulo.

    No its my nickname plus my bias in anime world, Kei from Special A..Haha I have no social life.

    And your name? are you an educ student or something?
    1 ❤
  • bomskie 6 days ago
    Hmm layo ah..
    What are you currently watching?


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