I'm currently addicted to: The Walking Dead  (TWD S5 palli juseyo!)

Today 's avi: Aside from Arang, I've been again amazed by a mere ghost in a drama. She's really good. I love her.



What I look for in a drama/movie:

1. distinctive story

2. character development/justification of roles

3. I love music. So OSTs play a big part.

4. It doesn't matter if the story ain't unique, as long as it is executed exceptionally, no big deal.

5. unpredictable twists 

6. must make my body and soul cry

7. must make my body and soul LOL

8. creative setting

9. bromance

10. ending. If it didn't go my way of how I thought the ending must be, the rate will deduce. 

FACTS/Reality Check
I Hear Your Voice : dropped. reason: I don't find it awesome. It's full of cliches, and they are not executed well. It's so ironic that I dropped it and becomes the highest rated drama. WEIRD feeling.

Master's Sun: I don't get ghosts. LOL

Heirs: LMH's acting hasn't improved but he's cute with a cap. PSH's role was dumb. The Americans' acting was like the most overly done acting I've seen in the universe, Kristen Stewart still a better actress. lol.  I just have seen episode 1 and won't continue anymore. Another reason is that DH's quality was YUCK. The only one commendable was the very convincing antagonist,Rachel, Kim Tan's future wife. Let's add Kim Woo Bin but not that hair style. This one too, a mute maid with a smartphone. No she's not poor. It's sad to think that it was the first episode yet I have seen so many flaws. KUDOS to Heirs staff and crew. TBH, I enjoyed the cute little fight about some members who liked Heirs and did not like Heirs. Really people, make peace not war. It'a all about giving respect to one's opinion and be open-minded about it.

Medical Top Team: I do love Jung Ryeo Won,the first few eps were soooo good but became VERY boring. Even though they changed the writer, it really didn't appeal to me yet. Maybe I was the problem, coz I was expecting 50% romance in it, but had just seen 10% romance on the first 8 eps. Sorry Ryeo Won-ssi! But you still are a versatile actress for me. Love you! ^^

REWATCHED: COFFEE PRINCE, SECRET GARDEN, Time bw Dogand Wolf, Infernal Affairs

2013 dramas I LOVE: (in order)
1. TEAM TEN Season 2
2. NINE Times Time Travel
3. Cruel City 
4. School 2013
5. Two Weeks

So I dropped The Vampire Diaries then became addicted to this:http://manhattaninfidel.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/The-Walking-Dead-Wallpaper1.jpg

PART 2 coming up!

                                 And guess what? My fave character is still Korean! Glenn!
So that's MUSTACHE. I had to correct it. I just loved this meme.

Bigbang awesomeness!


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  • duermevela 10 hours ago
    I'm so jealous!!!!! I wish I could attend one of their concerts but it's not possible... :( I love all of them, I can't pick one, but minzy in this comeback is awesome!
  • duermevela 10 hours ago
    I'm so jealous!!!!! I wish I could attend one of their concerts but it's not possible... :( I love all of them, I can't pick one, but minzy in this comeback is awesome!
  • duermevela 13 hours ago
    I'm from Barcelona! Of course, which is your favorite song?
  • 4winkay 13 hours ago
    bakit nga ba? miss na miss ko na sya super. mgaling naman syang artista hay. :-(
  • bomskie 15 hours ago
    Lol that happens to me too, I'll just send another request. I hope you will accept that.

    Yup me too, I'm so glad I found another kababayan here, dumudugo na kasi ang ilong ko ka e-english..haha
  • duermevela 15 hours ago
    Really? Yeahhh! How old are you and where are you from?
  • EJ_101 17 hours ago
    ah ngayon ba ang holy week sa atin?

    so INR1 is not that good hmm. I only saw the trailer lol
    I'm not into romance, I'm more into action,thriller,comedy and super natural drama or movie.
    Batanes- is that where cone island is located?
    yeah Vigan seems very nice place to travel.Been to Baguio many times.
    I'm sure there's a lot of good places in our country that need to be explores right?!

    I need to go out and have a lunch date w/ a few people I know. then pack and off I go to where my work is waiting for me. Well let me know if there is any good series that ur into & need to share.

    so ttyl and enjoy ur drama time :)
    1 ❤
  • EJ_101 18 hours ago
    lol saan ka mag summer holiday?
    Singapore is fun and lots of things to do and eat and ur right too expensive!Why don't you go and have fun, marami ng attraction ngsyon doon.

    i know for a fact LHK is not that tall. He must be 5'4 i think.

    EK is ok still watchable. The excitement is gone now, for you know ending is nearer so the typical K/drama is kicking in.
    I think in my opinion they shouldn't made it to 50 epi. specially since it's base in history.
    If its me! I will write it in a way of, what if? this is what happened ,instead of what written history.
    24 epi is enough to highlight her life.
    Well everyone has their own opinion, some has given up watching it.[I'm reading the comments and views of our fellow MDl about it]
    since I don't know much of their history. I'd like to see how it end.

    INR3- dito ko nga napapanood yong season 1 lol
    pero itong pangatlo, I dont like it.Di ko type yong actor the young lover nya. [I hope I'm thinking the right one]
    I think the 1st season looks more fun.
    1 ❤
  • EJ_101 20 hours ago
    ofc they can never jeopardize his wholesome images.
    but what w the jacket he is wearing, either looks too big or too shocking and sometimes dull [he need to fire his wardrobe people lol]
    what, Bakasyon nyo na?
    Yeah dito pa din ako sa S'pore, pero babalik na ako sa Dubai ngayon Sabado. Balik skwela na and after that, who knows! either back to Singapore or somewhere else. Somehow I'm contemplating of taking a long break. But I'm sure its not going to happen lol.
    what I'm watching? still the same, I haven't catch up w all my airing dramas.. too busy and lazy to do it at the same time except for EK.
    what INR 3?
    1 ❤
  • duermevela 1 day ago
    Hi! Thanks for the friend request:D Nice to meet you!
  • EJ_101 1 day ago
    8 days naman lol..
    lol ikaw talaga, gusto mo ba silang makita ng walang saplot! lmao ;P

    Ikr! I do love sea food! maybe not the squid though, but I ate them a lot way back in Singapore.. probably because I haven't been eating it for too long or maybe change of weather too lol [I'll just keep finding something to blame for it] lol
    so how's it going w/you?

    hey that avie of yours seems very familiar to me!
    the ghost! I do like her a lot, Shes good!
    1 ❤
  • 4winkay 1 day ago
    tama! Buzzer Beat like ko un. ung jdramas ung tinutukoy kong madilim.

    ung Iris streaming lang ako. di ko na dini-el kc mabigat na madami na akong dramas sa laptop baka mag crash.
  • Bleng 2 days ago
    Mas gusto ko nga, mgkakasama sla eh. Close nman sla lahat eh, tpos lagi sla mgkakasama nglalaro. Ang cute tignan. :"> Haha!

    Ang galing kse mag lead ni BI eh, Yung song nla na Climax super ganda! Lagi ko prin un pnapakinggan. :)

    Sana nga po makapunta eh, at sana kasma din Winner. Haha! :)
  • 4winkay 2 days ago
    like mo ba ung politics North-South-NSS churva? kc ako nwwalan na ng gana esp dun sa conspiracy kung cno cno at kung anong org ang may pakana. ganun2 din ang plot sa mga ganyang genre. cruel ct, time bet dog wolf, ct hunter, etc

    cge, paghalfway na Gap Dong at mganda ang feedbacks baka noodin ko sya.

    jdramas kc di ko masyadong like. bakit ganun ang dilim ng pagkakuha? pangit cinematog nya eh kaya nkkwalang gana. tas ako lang ba me feeling na ang OA umakting mga japanese? tas madaming slapstick, binabatukan ung bidang babae, etc. tbh ha ung nagustohan ko lng na jdrama 1 litres, pride, mother at ung about sa basketball i forgot the title. pero gusto ko tlga syang ilike kc nga ang iksi unlike sa kdrama.

    edit: forgot to mention ang hot ni TOP!
    1 ❤
  • 4winkay 2 days ago
    oo kaya d ko manood2 to kc me spoiler na ako nabasa noon pa. anyway il give it a try. ok naman so far pacing kaya lang its just another secret agent drama but i think it will be a fun ride with all the cliffhangers. mas like ko cruel ct kesa to o baka naging bias lng ako kc na spoil na nga ako.

    waiting for youre all surrounded also. parang exciting sya. di ko sure sa gap dong


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