Today 's avi: most memorable Jon and Arya scene in GoT




                                             and the WINNER is...






Another set of OTPs

What I look for in a drama/movie:

1. distinctive story

2. character development/justification of roles

3. I love music. So OSTs play a big part.

4. It doesn't matter if the story ain't unique, as long as it is executed exceptionally, no big deal.

5. unpredictable twists 

6. must make my body and soul cry

7. must make my body and soul LOL

8. creative setting

9. bromance

10. realistic and amazing ending 

FACTS/Reality Check

I Hear Your Voice : dropped. reason: I don't find it awesome. It's full of cliches, and they are not executed well. It's so ironic that I dropped it and becomes the highest rated drama. WEIRD feeling.

Master's Sun: I don't get ghosts. LOL

Heirs: LMH's acting hasn't improved but he's cute with a cap. PSH's role was dumb. The Americans' acting was like the most overly done acting I've seen in the universe, Kristen Stewart still a better actress. lol.  I just have seen episode 1 and won't continue anymore. Another reason is that DH's quality was YUCK. The only one commendable was the very convincing antagonist, Rachel, Kim Tan's future wife. Let's add Kim Woo Bin but not that hair style. This one too, a mute maid with a smartphone. No, she's not poor. 

Medical Top Team: I do love Jung Ryeo Won,the first few eps were soooo good but became VERY boring. Even though they changed the writer, it really didn't appeal to me yet. Maybe I was the problem, coz I was expecting 50% romance in it, but had just seen 10% romance on the first 8 eps. Sorry Ryeo Won-ssi! But you still are a versatile actress for me. Love you! ^^

REWATCHED: COFFEE PRINCE, SECRET GARDEN, Time bw Dog and Wolf, Infernal Affairs

  1. Blacklisted:
  • 1. Hwang Jung Eum - Her acting and voice bother me a lot
  • 2. Shin Se Kyung - o_O
  • 3. Jin Se Yeon - I don't give second chances

So I dropped The Vampire Diaries then became addicted to this:


                                 And guess what? My fave character is still Korean! Glenn!
So that's MUSTACHE. I had to correct it. I just loved this meme.

Another addiction! 


Bigbang awesomeness!

Ooooppss, my profile's becoming longer! I just wanna share this one, it's the 4 interns from the brilliant drama Misaeng. Just look at their wacky side! Yo Han's pose is just a bonus! 


Welcome to my girl crushes


And then these MEN...


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