hello there!

i am someone who somehow, in january 2015, started watching her first kdrama, hi! school: love on, and ended up falling into this world called hallyu wave. 

since then the group exo have saved my life and dramas have saved me from the horrible thing called boredom.

dramas i plan on starting in the near future:

fight for my waygap dongleh lub salub rangmy father is strangethe greatest lovehana yori dango 2

favorite drama pairings:                    

tumblr_inline_nqsczx23Ov1qk1wrj_400.gif                     lee jiyi x yoo changsoo                                                       seo junghoo x chae youngshin

tumblr_o5q9bqYHsF1tmjt2ko5_250.gif                         39b3043ebc0c9abe78f4119afd8c4269.gifyoo shijin x kang moyeon                                                   jung joonhyung x kim bokjoo  

127b60811f42d08344a954cb40a2b01015b21bbb                      tumblr_okh3atv7mq1rsi6iwo9_400.gifje suho x shim bonui                                                          li daren x cheng youqing

how i rate:

10.0: perfect in every single way, made me feel a lot of things and didn't ever make me bored. 

9.5: perfect, but there was a tiny something missing. 

9.0: great! however, there was a thing or two that could have been better or more interesting. 

8.5: super enjoyable! but something didn't 'catch' me, something was missing. 

8.0: very very good, but there were things i did not like or the drama just wasn't able to actually fully catch my attention, make me addicted. 

7.5: pretty good! probably really liked it at some point, but it was far from perfect and it lacked something important. 

7.0: it was okay! there were things and episodes i really enjoyed but eventually watching it wasn't that exciting to me anymore.  

6.5: potentially good but not really for me. probably got bored during it. 

6.0: okay at first, then it got boring or something ruined it. 

5.5: would have been pretty good, if something hadn't ruined it. if i finished it, i probably regret not-dropping it. 

5.0: i don't doubt there are people that still would enjoy this, but very much not for me, probably never would've missed out on anything if i didn't watch it. 

4.5: boring. something that i'm sure there are much better versions of. 

4.0: hard to watch, things tend to seem too random or don't make sense. 

1.0-3.5: bad. very much not recommended. don't start this if you can and spend your time better.

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  • Times (Days) 53.3
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  • Completed70
  • Plan to watch75
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  • Dropped13
  • Total Entries167
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 2.9
  • Completed37
  • Plan to watch38
  • Total Entries75
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