Hi there, 

I am from Indonesia although I lived in Singapore for 6 years..

Thanks for taking a peek at my profile... "BIG HEART FOR YOU"

I only got to know about K-drama world in the beginning of 2016. 

I am a big fan of Hollywood's movies and anything made by western countries. I also like Japanese movies. I am not easily pleased with my entertainment. As for TV shows, i never really like to watch TV serial actually, coz i cannot stand of the long story and i would prefer Netflix (for interesting story like Penny Dreadful, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, etc) or other western production (like Game of Thrones,etc) or choose sitcom that end each episode like how i met your mother, so i can watch it calmly. The story is more varied and interesting too. 


But i have consumed everything and left with nothing else to watch, so my friend kept asking me to start watching k-drama. 


WestWorld by HBO

Initially i refused, because i have watched k-drama in my younger days, that time was winter sonata and autumn in my heart, and i hate the story because i don't like sad story like that, and most of k-drama that time was so cheesy, very typical, cliche and overly mellow. It's always about the girl getting sick in the end, tragic story, abusive male, weak woman soapy dramas and i don't like that kind of cliche story.

Since then i decided that i will not watch drama anymore especially Asian drama, which is more illogically annoying to watch plus always talking about the same thing like romance, illness or other irritating stories. 

But my friend challenged my point of view and told me just to watch 1st episode of my love from the star, if it's not good, He will buy me dinner.. since i was bored so....


I could not get anymore wrong, the first k-drama that i watched was My Love From The Star.


I had to admit that it was good. The story is also refreshing and funny too.
Kim Soo Hyun is talented and handsome!!

Yes, it's about love but love is only well some part of the whole plots, the story is mainly about the alien life, the actress life and her struggle in her industry and the family's problems etc. The alien also stays true to his character though, not suddenly change 180 degree for the girl.


Since then i quite like k-drama. Not saying that I am addicted and watch all dramas, I am damn choosy, I only watch few dramas that interest me. I discovered many better k-dramas than MLFTS. and yes, I only watch k-drama that catch my attention. The 2nd K-drama that i watched was dream high, they are so good in portraying student's dreams, their main theme is definitely about dreams, i like it!! 3rd drama was the best, it is SIGNAL!!!! I Like SIGNAL, OMG, i think it is brilliant, it is even better than most western TV show that i have watched!!!! and making me feel ashamed of my judgmental view about k-drama before hahaha. 

I refused to like hallyu wave before, but since i started to watch k-drama, i am starting to like Korean songs in K-drama OST too, lol. 



Dramas that i like involved:

1. Good writing skills, fresh and well written stories

2. No cheesy romance (unbelievable & illogical romance)

3. No annoying, ridiculously & unreasonable evil second lead female, mother/father in law

4. NO DUMB FEMALE LEAD with only stupid thoughts in her brain 


5. No mean, arrogant, abusive male lead

6. Good plots (no draggy and unimportant scenes, no messy twists) 

7. Character development (i need to care about the character). 

8. Good acting skills. I cannot stand to watch a stone acting.

9. Story development, not only talking about one couple or 1 thing but talking about life in general, more broad, dreams, family, r/s, difficulties, etc. I like this kind of story telling.

10. Paying attention about life of those supporting characters too. So the story will be more interesting.

Well, any genre is fine as long as those rules are applied for me.

Umm dramas that make me really cannot continue watching and a BIG TURN OFF for me is when the male lead is too abusive and irritating towards female lead. Also when the female lead is a damsel in distress, like very weak minded and weak as a general, it's such a bore to watch. I really CANNOT continue watching if I found lead characters like that. Either I dropped it or I skipped towards the last episode just for the sake to know what happened in the end, I don't have patience to watch those kind of lead characters.


I need to mention HEALER as one of my favorite K-drama after SIGNAL. The story-line is amazing, there is no waste of time at all. It's not draggy and everything is important in this show. There is no weak annoying female lead too, I love park min young character here. I really like Ji Chang Wook after i watched HEALER hahaha! Look how handsome he is!The most important thing is that the romance between them is only a small part of their life, they discovered more things about their past, their parents, their families, everything, i learn lessons for watching this show :)


And recently.. I LIKE SAGEUK AND HISTORICAL DRAMA!!! I usually like modern drama but when i started to watch Lee Joon Gi act!!! First was Scholar Who Walks The Night, i thought he was not handsome when i watched it, but I think he becomes more and more handsome, hmm.. he is so charming. Then I watched King and the Clown, Arang and the Magistrate, I come to love historical drama! I think he can pick up any historical drama and make it believable, he can carry his character very well and making his character grow on me. Most of his shows and movies also talking more about life lesson and there is no illogical romance that makes me cringe. That's the reason i really like him & his dramas.


Aside from his acting skills and movies, He is also awesome, funny, cute, serious, talented, pretty, handsome everything in real life!! I Love him a lot! Wahahahah! Since my younger days, i never fan-girling anyone before, i swear! It's just not my thing, but i don't know i think i am bewitched by Lee Joon Gi's charm, i followed him on Instagram and V-live. \(♥_♥)/  \(^o^)/ \(♥o♥)/ \(♥.♥)/ \(ToT)/ \(♥o♥)/ \(♥_♥)/


I am officially Lee Joon Gi's stalker!! @actor_jg

After almost a year watching some k-dramas, sadly only a few that are worthy. U can find it in my dramalist. Most of dramas, either i skipped it until last episode or i dropped it. Not all famous dramas are good. Funny thing is that the not famous one is good for me hahaha. So yeah, I only watch less than 15 k-dramas i think. Most of the dramas that i dropped from 1st few episodes, i will not bother to put into my drama list. There are many that i dropped.

I think people who likes to watch k-dramas looking for something simple about romantic dramas etc.. So definitely k-dramas are targeted and segmented already, people who dislikes typical k-drama probably not willing to look for their entertainment in k-drama, they would go to watch western production. They would not understand that some of k-dramas are good because of their prejudiced towards k-dramas. Just like me in the past, it is signal who makes me respect k-dramas. 

Nowadays some k-dramas are good, something like SIGNAL, Healer, Cruel city, etc, These shows do not focus much on romance ONLY as a theme, but they are true to their genre and their jobs. They do not go dating and wooing the girl only and doing nothing. See? k-dramas audiences are segmented already. My brothers, my husband and the rest of my female & male friends refuse to watch signal coz they think it's the same with other bullshit k-dramas haha. They do not like k-dramas and refuse to watch it at all... no matter how much i beg them to watch LOL.

In the past, hell, i would not even bother watching k-dramas. Cos it's boring and always talking about dating, dating and dating. Doctors go dating instead of curing people, persecutor likes a girl and go dating, policeman go dating instead of focusing on the job, etc etc. Sorry not sorry, it's not that i hate romance drama, in fact i love it if it's properly executed, not something that is just thrown in like that. For eg. Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, i really adore this show!!! :D it's okay that's love is also good :D All in all, we just need to be more open minded and give something a chance. Who knows that door will lead us to heaven hahaha. If let's say it leads us to the hell, then just drop the show and watch something else instead :D LIFE IS SHORT, enjoy your life to the fullest. Don't give a damn to people who disagree and bash our comments here lol. Stay peaceful and be happy!

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