~ Always looking for good feels (romantic or otherwise),
character development, well-written plots,
and sometimes just simply cute, classic tropes~

- Watches HKDrama, KDrama, CDrama, TWDrama and JDrama
(in decreasing order of frequency, though I am open to dramas from all countries~) 

- Usually watches ROMANCE-based dramas cos them shoujo feels

- What I watch: Depends on mood/emotional appeal (e.g. cute fluff vs. serious and mature)

- Usually guilty of not wanting to drop dramas that I don't like but have started watching

- Usually aware of but not watching the latest popular dramas (if I ever get to them)

- Usually 1000 years behind the latest dramas even if I want to watch them

- Often found in a drama slump and/or watching not so great dramas

                                              Preferences: (check my lists for more details~) 



- Good characterisations
- Good communication
between charas 

- Strong & relatable female leads           

- Sweet and cute interactions

- DRAGGINESS (when things could be easily resolved)  
- Cliche political infighting drama/backstabbing

- Arse personality male leads

- Excessive extreme/unreasonable plot developments


Feel free to message me/add me as a friend~!

--> Find me at Shoujo Investigation, a drama blog I run on ~ TUMBLR ~ & ~ WORDPRESS ~


                                                FEATURING Current Faves (OTPs/Dramas)

Boss & Me, Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me, Beautiful Mind, Mirror of the Witch



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  • Total Entries275
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