I'm relatively new to Asian dramas though I've read manga (and manhwa) and watched anime long before. I watched Fated to Love You three years ago I haven't watched anything after that until recently, except Kimi ni Todoke.

It was few moths ago that I started watching drama again with Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge which I didn't like very much, maybe because I read the manga and knew what's going to happen, but I decided to stick with it and the next one was You're Beautiful. It was okay and it made me a curious but then I started watching Coffee Prince and that cemented my fate as an addict.

I like drawing and digital painting. Often I do it while watching a drama, sometimes even paint actors. :D
If you are curious this is my tumblr with my art.

If you are curious why don't have 10s in my ratings that's because I want to give it to drama/movie that leaves me in awe with both artistic value and enjoyment experience. But so far I haven't seen anything like that. :(

My MDL articles:
Screenwriters Introduction: The Hong Sisters
Screenwriters Introduction: Kim Eun Sook


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  • sa6abe 2 days ago
    Hi! :) I too dropped My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho during episode 1 and then decided to try again and dropped it again during episode 2, LOL. It's just so so childish, I couldn't bear with it. I disliked both leads - him for being cartoonishly childish and I couldn't understand her character. She's a FOX after all! But she has all those human feelings and reactions.. I dont know, maybe it's just not for me. Does it get more mature later on?
  • a-penguin-in-my-next-life 3 days ago
    I'll try the King Of Dramas, I've heard lots of good things about it, but I never watched it. Is it comedy or melodrama?

    If you want comedy with a side of melo try Bride Of The Century. If you want rom com try Cunning Single Lady. If you want revenge drama with plot twists try Innocent Man or if you want action, Bridal Mask. :)
  • a-penguin-in-my-next-life 3 days ago
    Me too :) What dramas are you currently watching? All my dramas have ended or are about to end and I don't know what to watch next. I keep starting new dramas to see if they interest me enough to keep watching but I always end up dropping them or putting them on hold.
  • a-penguin-in-my-next-life 3 days ago
    Yes it does. You have the romance part that gets complicated because of the politics, and you hate the antagonist, and then you cry. It's a roller coaster, but it's one you will want to rewatch.
  • PrettyCarEye 4 days ago
    Ahhh ... hehe yes you would! It's not a bad skill to have. :) These days I'm totally into checking out who the screenwriters are & what other shows they've written before committing myself to any drama. There are just some screenwriters whose writing style (the Hongs) or values (the writer of Woman who Married 3x) who don't jive well with my tastes so I try to avoid them if I can. While I don't like all of Kim Eun Sook's work, the way she writes (mature leads, not too much focus on 2nd leads etc) & the worldview (you're with someone you love it's okay to sleep with him/her) she projects in her dramas are more relatable to me. That's why I've crowned her as my favourite. For now. I love discovering screenwriters who write according to my tastes & marathoning their shows. I try to also look up Japanese screenwriters, but they're harder to find in English. That's why I'm glad to have you around! xD
  • a-penguin-in-my-next-life 4 days ago
    K2H is really good. It just takes a while to captivate you. I remember it took me a couple of weeks to watch the first couple of eps. I mostly kept watching because the previews confused me. Up from like ep 6 or 7, it's like BOOM and the pace of the drama increases, the cliffhangers start and you're hooked. I'm glad I watched it when it had finished airing, I don't know how I would've taken the cliffhangers if I had to wait a week for the next episode. I really recommend it.
  • PrettyCarEye 4 days ago
    Haha what has?
  • a-penguin-in-my-next-life 5 days ago
    Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
  • PrettyCarEye 5 days ago
    Ah I see.
    Still I can't imagine I'd like it. Red herrings in this genre don't work for me. If they lead you to believe there's a viable romance they should deliver on it & not tease their audience. I hate when writers dangle romantic overtures & never really allow it to develop. I'd rather they just leave it out all together. Anyway, there are so many dramas on my lists to watch that taking Coffee House off is actually a relief! :) Btw, I didn't know the writing duo of Nine & QIHM were behind this show. Thx for the info. Seems like you're the 'guess the screenwriter' goddess here on MDL! :)
  • PrettyCarEye 5 days ago
    I took it off my list because I read that it doesn't have a happy ending. For me if romance is the central theme of the drama then it must have a happy ending. I see no point investing all my emotions in characters only to see them break up or die at the end.
  • PrettyCarEye 5 days ago
    I hear Coffee House was a disappointment though. Do you agree?
  • PrettyCarEye 5 days ago
    In that case, how about trying Golden Empire? It's a political business drama & one of THE best I've ever seen. The acting is phenomenal, the story is cohesive throughout. Very little contrivances that I could detect. Watching this drama is like watching a twisted game of human chest. From around ep 12 - 13 it keeps you absolutely riveted! And the female lead here is a smart, sharp woman. I would've loved her if my loyalties weren't so divided. If you watch the show you'll know what I mean.

    There's also another show that I've heard is similar to GE, Hanzawa Naoki. I haven't gotten around to seeing it myself but it got a lot of good buzz when it was airing. Apparently like GE you can look forward to intelligent characters and an engaging well developed plot.

    As for Nine, you should finish it! It's not without fault, but I personally think it's better than Queen In-Hyun's Man. The time travel is better developed & I really like Sun Woo, the male lead, because he's smart with a bit of a sarcastic/ironic sense of humour. I didn't care as much for the female lead, but that's probably because I don't really like the actress herself.
  • PrettyCarEye 5 days ago
    Well, I watched AGD in early 2013, I think it was like my 3rd or 4th drama. At the time I wasn't completely aware of KHN as an actress. I had seen her before, in a couple movies, and I didn't care for her, but not to the point where I didn't want to watch her shows. So I decided to give AGD a go. Let me tell you, it sealed her fate as far as I'm concerned. I found her to be extremely annoying, as she is in EVERY role I've seen her in. That's why I can't stand her.

    Makjang??? Then Lovers in Paris is definitely not for me! I hate makjang. I have King of Dramas on the list to watch. I've heard good things about it & I'm looking forward. But right now I've committed to watching The Princess' Man. Have you see it? What do you think?

    What kind of dramas do you like? I mean like genre preferences & such. I saw your forum post about smart leads ... I'm sure you're already seen Nine?
  • xoxo 5 days ago
    "To watch or not to watch; that is the question."

    (from Koalasplayground): "That drama is like a moron frankensteined combination of parts of other idol dramas and then handed to two actors who can't act and have no chemistry."
    So to summarize...it's pretty bad, yeah :p Go for "In A Good Way" if you want a Taiwanese drama ^^
  • PrettyCarEye 6 days ago
    'So if I understood you right you like Kim Eun Sook but hate Hongs?'

    Yes, though 'hate' is a strong word. I dislike them. I can think of only a few Korean personalities that I 'hate'. They shall remain unnamed.

    'And reading my article you learned that all the dramas that you dislike are made by the sisters Hong?'

    No, there are dramas by both writers that I dislike. Your article simply gave these writers a name & helped me determine whether I agreed with your analysis of their craft.

    I haven't seen Master's Sun or Heirs. I'm debating whether I should see Heirs or not. Not because everyone says it's horrible - if I really want to watch something I don't care what others say. I'm hesitant bcuz it's not the type of story & setting I like. School & flower boys aren't my thing. Plus PSH provokes me. On the other hand I want to watch for myself & see if it's as bad as everyone says. Somehow I can't reconcile the thought that KES would write something so unbearable.

    But even if it IS bad, I'll still like KES more than the Hongs simply because I've enjoyed more KES dramas than Hong dramas. The Hongs make me laugh, but I never become 100% invested in their characters or stories. KES on the other hand can make me laugh AND fall in love with her characters. KES's characters also act their age while the Hongs tend to infantilize their characters. However, I disliked Lovers in Prague (5) & Secret Garden (6) and I refuse to watch Lovers in Paris (because I'm thinking if Prague was so bad, Paris might be worse) & On Air (because I hate Kim Ha Neul).

    Why would you hope you wouldn't turn me on to another screenwriter? Isn't that the purpose of your articles? I look forward to that article about Nojima Shinji. I absolutely loved Pride & I quite liked Love Shuffle.


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