I started dramas long ago, around 2005 probably. I believe - and I'm not even sure - the first one was Gokusen. I was reading the manga on internet and got word of a live action. Back then, I only watched jdramas until I tried Full House. It did grow old but it was still a pretty good drama at that time. There were few ones about cohabitation.

Now, I have watched many dramas and would gladly give recommendations if you're in a slump. You can also check the lists I made if you're looking for a specific genre. There are a few genres I'm usually not fond of (although there are exceptions) and won't be able to make recommendations : melodramas, family, tokusatsu, law, business, tragedy, and medical dramas.

My rating system :
10 = major drama you MUST watch at least once !
9 = very good drama definitely worth watching !
8 = good drama, really enjoyable but not exceptionnal enough to get a 9.
7 = enjoyable drama to pass time but I probably won't remember it.
6 = Not that bad but sometimes a bit boring. Fast-forwarded often. 
5 = Just boring or/and very poor acting. Most likely dropped.
4 or less = Really disappointed. Most likely very poorly done drama or absolutely unfinished ending.

NB 1 : When the rating is something and a half, that just means I hesitated.
NB 2 : Once in a while, I update my drama list. I dropped a point on some dramas because they aged, because a lot of time passed and I didn't remember them as strongly as others, or simply because I now consider other dramas better. Sometimes, it's the other way around : with time, they grew onto me.
NB 3 : If it's on the On-Hold List, it's pretty much dropped. Even the ones with high ratings because that would mean I have to re-watch everything... But still, one day, maybe...

Drama Statistics
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  • Currently watching8
  • Completed146
  • Plan to watch59
  • On-hold139
  • Dropped15
  • Total Entries367
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 0.5
  • Completed6
  • Plan to watch7
  • Total Entries13
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