This might be the third makeover of my profile. I am still the same, just a little busy.

I am a drama addict like all of you and my biases are right there to the right when you scroll down.

So I'll use this space to share with you some words that make me feel warm inside.

“The reason I like you? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only
reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. If I can’t avoid it, I only want one thing. To stay by you as a friend, unchanged. Here’s to heartache. To love.”

-Joon Hee (Reply 1997)

“Men like you one day, and the next day, they change their mind. The problem is that they’re being honest both days.”

-Yi Soo (A Gentleman's Dignity)

“At that moment, we both realized that the opposite word for love isn’t hate or dislike. The opposite word for love is I loved you. It’s the past tense.”

(I Need Romance)




Oh.. This scene!! The look on JCW's face is priceless!!


I am not a very dedicated fangirl. My biases keep changing, but I guess that's what we call "Living in the moment". Like my friend Joey says, "I'm not even Sorry". 

Which reminds me, my ultimate bias is: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.



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